Gamma Strategies Delegate Platform

Delegate address: 0x40a3c8C160C3860dAb991821f50B123A97421c83 or gammastrategies.eth

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Twitter: @gammastrategies

Discord: Gamma

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About us:

  • Gamma Strategies is an active liquidity manager on Uniswap v3
  • Since March 2021, we have been actively providing and managing liquidity on behalf of retail LPs, DAOs, and projects
  • We are long-term advocates of the Uniswap protocol, and have dedicated all our resources thus far to building automated strategies and an infrastructure for providing active liquidity on Uniswap

Why delegate to us:

Large liquidity providers and managers are markedly absent from the Uniswap governance process. We believe liquidity provider representation is needed not only to attract more liquidity but to provide a better trading experience overall. The more active liquidity that is provided, the more price impact is reduced, resulting in the best trading experience for all users of Uniswap. Therefore, the interests of liquidity providers are strongly aligned with the health of the Uniswap protocol itself.

By delegating to Gamma Strategies, we will advocate on behalf of liquidity providers and traders. This includes actively participating in governance discussions and votes that will affect the liquidity provider and trader experience as well as the overall health of the Uniswap ecosystem.

Why we decided to get involved:

There have been a few proposals in recent history where we would have liked a larger voice. A couple that come to mind would be proposals for the Fee Switch and the Uniswap Foundation.

With regards to the Fee Switch proposal, we have pushed for the following via our core contributor @bjp333: ([Consensus Check] "Fee Switch" Pilot - #17 by BP333)

  1. Specific parameters for testing - For example, we would want to be able to assess in real time, how much liquidity is leaving, the rate at which liquidity is leaving, the impact on Uniswap’s competitiveness on DEX aggregators, and impact on Uniswap’s DEX volume market share. Because the fee switch may have a detrimental impact on our overall market share, we would want to be extremely diligent and well prepared in monitoring the test.

  2. Guardrails on how Fee Switch revenue should be used - As the saying goes, “with great power, comes great responsibility.” We particularly did not feel like enough guardrails were implemented on how the revenues generated from the fee switch would be used. The potential revenues from a fee switch would be astronomical if widely implemented, and we would advocate that the vast majority of this revenue, if not all, be re-invested back into the Uniswap protocol in a way that would further innovation and strengthen Uniswap’s competitive position

With regards to the Uniswap Foundation proposal, we believe that the Foundation could be effective in ensuring that the proper resources are allocated to improving the Uniswap protocol and ecosystem, so long as there is a mandate that funds allocated to the Uniswap Foundation are strictly used to improve the Uniswap protocol and ecosystem. As a delegate, we would advocate for the Uniswap Foundation to invest in a better user experience for traders and LPs. As liquidity providers and developers building on Uniswap, we are intimately familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the protocol and can lend our expertise to improving upon it.

By delegating to Gamma Strategies, we will advocate for what is in the best interests of all liquidity providers and traders, so that the Uniswap ecosystem continues to innovate and thrive! If you resonate with this mission, please consider delegating to Gamma Strategies.


So excited that you’ll be getting more involved @gammastrategies !


analysis paralysis - especially with 3 non-core pools