**Bobbay Delegate Platform**

Bobbay Delegate Platform

Contact & Delegate information.
Name: Bobby
Wallet Address: 0x5a35923eD6950EFF4412eF6d27CeA8b1d405a844
ENS: bobbybola.eth
Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/bobbay_b

About Me

Previously, I led the StableLab delegate team that spanned over 15+ DAOs, personally actively engaging in various DAOs including Optimism and Balancer, among others.

Since becoming a delegate in early 2022, my extensive involvement across multiple DAOs has afforded me valuable insights into the prevalent challenges faced. My experience spans beyond being a delegate, having served on DeFi Committee A at Optimism, Optimism badge holder since RPGF 2, participated in the GSC at Element Finance, and contributed to the grants council at Compound.

I plan to use that experience to support Uniswap DAO in various ways possible, as a delegate, participating in working groups, and other opportunities that arise. Moreover, I have been an active contributor to the Uniswap DAO through various discussions and working groups like the Uniswap Delegate Reward WG and Gas Rebate discussion.

Delegate Communication Intent

I intend to regularly update the community, ensuring transparency and providing comprehensive insights into my decision-making process.

Possible Conflicts of Interest

I currently work at UMA & Across and am an active governance contributor to Arbitrum DAO.


Good to see you here Bobby!

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