Delegate to Our Network!

Our Network is signaling its intent to serve as a delegate for Uniswap Governance.

For those unaware, Our Network is a crypto analytics community that has analyzed the health of the Ethereum ecosystem since 2019. We have a free weekly newsletter in which contributors submit data-driven insights and advanced metrics about crypto networks. The newsletter covers Uniswap protocol health, as well as other DEX protocols and projects in the DeFi ecosystem.

I (@spencernoon) operate Our Network in my spare time, and by day I lead investments at, a crypto-native fund based in Florida. I currently control Our Network today, so UNI holders would be delegating their tokens to me at first. However, we are currently exploring progressive decentralization, which means that, over time, UNI holders would also benefit from our community of crypto analysts, researchers, builders, and enthusiasts.

As Our Network expands beyond its newsletter roots, I believe that both myself and our community are well-suited to add value in protocol governance. Here is what UNI holders can expect from Our Network as a delegate:

  • Bring initial ideas and proposals to the table related to analytics, community building, delegate funding, business development, and marketing
  • Publish rationale on governance votes
  • Provide a window after we’ve signaled intent for UNI holders to change delegation
  • Set up a forum to field questions for UNI holders
  • Commitment to serve for the rest of 2020 as a trial period

To delegate to Our Network, visit and delegate your votes to::


Thank you — long live the unicorn!