Forward looking proposal to reward integrators / referrals / innovators

Instead of discussing the Retroactive Airdrop extension, i will make a new, forward looking proposal.
I think that integrators and innovators should be rewarded.

Have the top 3 integrators rewarded, that create a lot of volume on uniswap pools
Have the top 3 referrals rewared, that generate new users on uniswap
Have the top 3 innovators rewarded, that generate working prototypes / bridges to other protocols / bug fixes.

The first two can be decided after some metric, automated calculations.
The last one can be decided by community voting.

Do this every Quarter of a Year. Dont give too big incentives, but big enough that innovators etc. are happily rewarded. This is a incentive mix, to step into the future and have the community and the protocol flourish.