Festive Uniswap Logo - Looking For Design

Hello UNI governance,

do we have a kind soul in our governance who has time and skills to create a festive version of our unicorn logo? Concrete design we leave to the creator to decide on but we would prefer one that is inclusive for everyone!

I will attach svg that I have and you can leave your submissions here or if you would like to discuss some ideas we can also do that either directly (Discord) or in the comments.


Can you be a little more specific? We wouldnt want to offend anyone or not make people feel included in the festivity.

Some holiday symbols are specific only for certain religion. For example: if festive logo will include little angel singing I believe that is very Christianity specific. We would like to be as inclusive as possible with the festive logo.

For example: giving our beloved unicorn a scarf and adding couple of snowflakes is inclusive to all cultures (I think). Adding santa hat on top of that is somewhere in between.