Consensus Check - Donate $50M worth of UNI to Chris Blec to leave DeFi for good

I come to you today with a very important proposal surrounding a certain individual: Chris Blec.
Brother Blec is no doubt a very prominent figure in the DeFi community, thanks to his (warm)takes and skeptical attitude. Say what you want about him, but I think it would benefit all of us if he was gone.(Especially if you are an underage dev) Thankfully, Blec has given us a wonderful opportunity to make this happen: just give him 50 million dollars. With the Uniswap treasury holding almost $4B, and considering even our lord and savior Hayden Adams has voiced his disdain for Mr. Blec, I propose we go ahead and give him the $50M in UNI tokens.

Link to snapshot poll: link
Voting ends in a week or so.


While you’re at it, you can give me $50 million dollars for being a complete stranger and just asking. I will take it and live a happy, productive life which may well become interesting, noteworthy, or any number of other thoroughly positive & exciting descriptives. I will save puppies and kitties and babies with my money. I will live my life richly and thoroughly until someone has decided that my actions, whether laudable or detestable or in-between are worthy of that $50 million dollars… and we can all be grateful that I didn’t ask for the money on twitter after accumulating some noteworthiness in the crypto community, but by being a person of little significance who showed up one day and replied to a rather extraordinarily sarcastic comment! Why grateful, you might be asking? I saved you from thousands of comments and interactions just by going straight for the cash! Pay me for all the time I previously was not involved with DeFi and other such things! (Also, the kitties & puppies & babies I might save!) It will be grand! 50000 grand to be exact!

Good article and nice to read

I have another proposal: allocate $50000001 to counter any “shut up” offer Mr. Blec may receive.

what exactly did he do? i thought some of this content (before he took it down) as helpful or newbies to learn about defi. it was generally focused on teaching and not opinions i thought.