Consensus Check - Staking & Tokenomics

Multiple Choice: Tick each Support of UNI Tokenomics :unicorn:
  • Staking :cut_of_meat:
  • Buy-back and Burn :fire:
  • Own 25 UNI to access More features & Cheaper trading fees :key:
  • Loyalty Rewards (e.g. Rocket Boost to staking yield if you use the protocol frequently, or rewarded with time) :rocket:

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:orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart: We have to stop thinking like a bunch of weak cowards. We are a tribe, and this is war. :unicorn:

We are long-term investors and UNI believers but if we don’t take this seriously then there will be no more rainbows here. Long-term investors get stronger by drinking the tears of short-term speculators. So we need to start rewarding long-term investors by getting serious.

We most certainly need to consider a UNI tokenomics program alongside the proposed buy-back program. We should welcome any sort of mechanism that supports price over time. Anybody who says otherwise is clearly a trojan horse from another community trying to steer us in the wrong way.

I can’t say too much, but I know for a FACT that a certain “Rich famous Crypto Twitter personality” has supporters in here who on purpose, are making false misleading suggestions and start conversations to dampen the growth of UNI.

Sushi :sushi: are taking risks because they are in second place. They want to take over Uniswap and they are fighting for it. They are not sitting there twiddling their thumbs about “legal issues” and cry baby garbage talk about upsetting the wrong people. Stop listening to these unproductive paper pushers. These are the same people who said Bitcoin was going to $0 in January 2019 because “the government will not let it go up”.

Now… There is room for only 1 king so we need to start acting like it. :crown: :unicorn:

We are here for Crypto, but let’s not forget the most important fact… Satoshi already solved the “Digital Scarcity” problem. Stop acting like it’s a bad idea to support the Uniswap with scarcity tokenomics such as buyback & burn, as well as incentives to hold the UNI token for longer periods of time.

Clearly it was a mistake to leave the Protocol Fee Switch inactive for 6 months. This is way too long and a thorn in our side. :wilted_flower: Nobody is happy about that because the “competitors” are making moves EVERY other day. We have basically let the sheep out for the foxes.

We also need to stop wasting time replying to trojan horse actors who say “GuyZ, BuYBaCkS DoN’T HeLp, AnD BuRnInG DoEsN’T EiTheR!” in every single thread. It’s so obvious that these people are from an outside community and actively trying to take us down from with-in.

As a start, we should be implementing:

  1. Staking …Reward longer lock-up with higher yield.
  2. Buy-back and Burn …There is incentive for holding as the Unicorn is working for us 24/7.
  3. UNI hodler access …Own 25 UNI and you get access to cheaper fees and more trading features such as Stop Market, Limit Orders, Iceberg etc.)
  4. Loyalty Rewards …Instead of 6% yield, you get 7% staking yield if you have been using for a longer period of time.

We should also heavily consider giving Liquidity Providers a payment in the form of slightly higher yield on their Staked UNI Tokens as this will punish those who keep dumping their bags early, and it will reward long-term views.

It’s time to stop playing nice and start working seriously towards total Victory :trophy:


Hey, I’m not sure I agree with all of this…
Yes, Sushiswap is more aggressive, but UNI has a core team that is not anon and can be leveraged by regulators.

Tes, UNI is king, and its our job to keep it that way but it’s going to take time to think of a good plan.

While I believe your propositions are interesting, they should be much more detailed for a consensus check. This is the last step before publishing a proposal and should be more fleshed out ! If you need any help, feel free to reach out.

Also, and that’s a personal opinion, delaying the treasury switch is a good thing because it helps us figure out the way we want to run things.


We should act. Now that AC has acquired Sushi, his DEFI ships are being armed. If we do nothing, the crown will shift.

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Well said, I was trying to push for exactly what you wrote in your comment. We seem to finally have done something right. I feel like I keep missing out and not informed on present changes. Since, I missed out on our last vote. Due to fees beings so high I am also hesitant to release any from my priv. Wallet.

I would like to point out that this poll does not follow the forum’s rules, namely you are required to include the option “Make no change” or its equivalent.


Thus, the results of this poll might better reflect the voice of the community had it included the required option.
The OP either was not aware of this rule, or he/she broke it deliberately.


I honstely think that buyback and distributing the tokens to stakers is better than buyback and burn.

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Agree with this. Inactive accounts and lost private keys that do not contribute to the community would slowly be diluted.


I want to see staking and a portion of the fees distributed to holders. Burning Uni doesn’t seem good for long term supply and rewards people who aren’t involved in the community.

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That was very well said and I love your passion. Anyone that thinks there aren’t people on the inside trying to take UNI down is either lying to themselves or part of the problem. Why don’t we reward users of the protocol, something to offset there Ethereum fees. Not just from now but the past. People are very loyal to brands that treat them well or give them free shit basically. I know if I had a choice between an exchange that hooked me up and one that didn’t I know where I’m going. Just a thought. Anyways, i got so off topic. I loved what you had to say and it’s people like you that can make or brake this project…