Andre Cronje reached 10m delegated vote threshold

Just wanted to let people know Andre Cronje has reached the delegated 10m votes needed to submit new proposals, so speak with him to have your voice heard. Google his twitter account.

vote count is here:
google ‘yuni finance’

Much love


Why was this hidden? could admin explain.

Hi Uni,

This post was hidden due to a community member flagging it.

Please provide more details in the original post, e.g. why should people delegate their votes to Andre. What would he do for the Uniswap community & perhaps even a link to his social channels.

Perhaps he could do so himself.

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Really I dont have any of the answers to the above, I just wanted to let the community know an individual had manged to reach the high, some thought unachievable, threshold.

I tried to link his social media and it told me no links allowed

Alright, thank you Uni. I’ll close the topic for now in that case, those interested will still be able to read it.