Monet-supply is not the kind of delegate we need

Back in November @monet-supply took the lead on a proposal with @coopahtroopa for new Uniswap LP incentives. The discussion was really interesting and some people volunteered to gather useful data. The debate was good for the community.

He said he would get back to us, but he never came back. Somebody pinged him on Twitter like 2 weeks ago or so, he said he was sorry and that he would give an update. In reality he’s been nothing but avoidant.

In the meantime he’s tweeting about crazy Sushi rewards…

If you delegated your votes to him, maybe it’s time to undelegate.

I’m not saying we need to incentivize LPs at this point. I just want to highlight how unprofessional and childish his behavior has been. I really doubt he has any particular interest in Uniswap getting more market share. In fact I’m not quite sure why he became a delegate in the first place. Unless I’m mistaken, there is no “delegate pitch” from him on this forum.

You’re mistaken :slight_smile: Delegate to monet-supply

I regret not following up on the liquidity incentive proposal for as long as I have, this was an oversight on my part. I’ve just posted an update in the thread here: [Discussion] Uniswap Liquidity Incentive Plan - #227 by monet-supply

In my defense, I’ve been hard at work at 2 jobs that are substantially benefiting the Uniswap ecosystem in the meantime:

  • Helping build out, a governance interface that offers deeper information on delegates and proposals than is available on or Sybil
  • Completing risk assessments for MakerDAO to onboard Uniswap LPs - so far I’ve processed 9 assets including the UNI/ETH pair

To just be brutally honest, I’m choosing between participating in organizations/networks that value my contribution (socially and financially) vs a network where I volunteer my work and get roasted in return. I’m 100% committed to Uniswap and contributing to UNI governance. But we need to do better at fostering a welcoming community that makes people want to participate.