404 DAO Delegate Platform

404 DAO Delegate Platform

Contact & Delegation Address Information

Delegate ENS Address: 404dao-governance.eth

Delegate Address: 0xE93D59CC0bcECFD4ac204827eF67c5266079E2b5

Email: governance@404dao.io

Website: https://www.404dao.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/404dao

Our Voting History: Boardroom

About Us

Hello Uniswap Community! 404 DAO is Atlanta’s City DAO. We are a non-profit born out of Blockchain at Georgia Tech with the mission to provide web3 education and opportunities in Atlanta. Blockchain at GT is a student led blockchain organization at Georgia Tech.

In addition to partnering with Blockchain at GT for governance work, 404 DAO is the host of Web3 ATL, Atlanta’s largest web3 event, and the team behind the 404 Accelerator.

Blockchain at GT has four main committees: Governance, Non-Technical (primarily research), Technical (primarily Solidity development), and Macro (Encourage discussion at meetings and inform members on crypto news).

Delegate Statement

404 DAO seeks to support the development of new applications in the Uniswap ecosystem, expanding the range of users, and accumulating value to the holders of the Uniswap governance token and relevant stakeholders.

Reasons for wanting to be a delegate:

404 DAO prides itself on our ability to engage financially and technically on a range of protocols throughout the cryptocurrency industry. While we have focused primarily on layer-2 protocols, we see engaging in Uniswap governance as a unique opportunity to expand our coverage to DeFi applications. As one of the underpinning protocols that makes up the foundation of DeFi, we are excited to help grow and support Uniswap.

Skills and areas of expertise:

Our team encompasses a wide range of both technical and non-technical backgrounds. These range from analytics, tokenomics, and business development to cybersecurity and MEV. The 404 DAO governance team is composed primarily of current and former Georgia Tech students with a wide range of degrees including: Computer Science, Data Science, Business, Finance, Cybersecurity that makes us uniquely able to apply expertise in a wide range of interdisciplinary challenges.

Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest:

We are active 404 DAO delegates for Arbitrum, Optimism, and dYdX