400 UNI to Historical Users -- Marketing? Profit?

I am simply looking for a general discussion on how and why we should be more public and vocal about the benefit of 400 UNI for those around the world that may have dabbled in using Uniswap over the last two years.

For someone from a country with a low median annual wage, this could be a life-changing event.

I am interested in marketing this on a much broader scale … TV Ads … Radio … NGOs that know the local cryptocurrency market … DASH, they have done a lot in underserved nations … and I’m also interested in being paid for my time to do so.



Sounds beneficial. Payments should be talked about within the group.


I really think it will start and fire up conversations around the world and BRAND Uniswap above all other exchanges.

We literally are sitting on top of a mountain of Good Will that is untapped because of ignorance of the opportunity.


Uniswap has and will be top of exchange lists.
Keep it up,research keep the passion up.
We need people to see the value of the uniswap name and what a better way to share with the world with passion reasoning and truth. :slight_smile: how many people can you reach?


Today, I witnessed crypto traders sharing with each other how they were airdropped free UNI and how to “get yours to”, if you had added liquidity to the DeFi platform.


This is already happening. We don´t need to pay anyone for marketing, the voice is already goind around, everybody likes the idea of free 400 UNI, thats why everybody is asking for more.


I say let them ask at least we know how many people are interested :slight_smile: maybe air drop them more brains the better :slight_smile:


Everyone wants to get something for free! Try to promote your brand and might be rewarded for your efforts

I completely agree with you, I would gladly accept the full workload in this process

You want to get paid lol sounds super scammy.

tv ads in developing nations is not the right approach to marketing

DASH is also a scam, don’t know why you bring them up. They spend all their time on marketing because thats how scams work

@Bitcoindoctor you are right.Im from Nigeria with roughly 220million population,Less than 200k people are aware of Crypto currency.We are living in abject state of poverty. I Urge uniswap give 400UNI to historical users so we can enlighten our people the benefits of Crypto currency and advantage of trading with uniswap.

I’m living under 8$ per day.Imaging what 400uni will do for me…

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Best way is to use social media and have local meetups to inform others. The community can drive this, same way as Bitcoin community does. You can start with tweeting everyday with #uniswapdrop changed my life. I’m on twitter: @phenomenalmark I am open to sharing the amazing ways UNI has helped me and others!

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Well, I say we all come together and use our talents! I will make some art and share on my social platforms. app.rarible.com/omb

This should be done out of personal fulfillment. I tell my friends & family and they are starting to listen!!

Hey all!

This was a great conversation. However, I believe it’s time to close it as there’s barely any comments and it’s probably best to not bump ‘old’ posts again if there’s no more interest.

I agree the airdrop has changed many people’s financial position (especially in low wage countries). However, it’s a little late to still market that probably :wink: I’m sure there’ll be even much more exciting things in the future and let’s stick to governance here! :slight_smile: