Bounty program for exposure, marketing and education

Now that we have a say in the treasury, I think we should consider allocating a portion of our funds to do the following:

There are many content creators out there in the cryptospace with an audience that listens to them. if we could open up funding to incentivise influencers, content creators and creatives to amplify our platform, we will all benefit through higher traffic and bigger rewards in our liquidity pools. besides, more people on DEX will propel crypto in general towards a future we all envisioned when we started with crypto.

Here I mean prolonged, effective campaigns targeted at everyone remotely interested in crypto. again, more people on Uniswap benefits us all. consider this, allocating a fraction of the protocol switch to a marketing pool can get us massive campaign budgets, considering the protocol fee at current rates would net 250k a day. with a portion of that we could gain some serious traction not just within the crypto space, but far beyond it too.

Last but not least,
We need to build on an easy to use repository of information to educate users of all trades and budgets. the DeFi space is still very new and very scary to many people. How do liquidity pools work? are my funds safe? what even are gas fees and why should I pay them if binance is free? up to the bigger questions of how to work with and write your own smart contracts and farm responsibly. working on tools like these will again have a positive effect on attracting new users, filling the pools, stabilising pegs and increasing rewards for all.

How do we fund this?
theres a few things that come to mind, but in my eyes the most obvious one would be to allocate a portion of the protocol fee to each of these goals. note, this does not have to be ridiculous amounts of money. there is no point in reserving millions a month to keep influencers happy or to build coca cola style marketing campaigns. there’s plenty of serious firms out there that can do us a proper quote and deliver a good job without needing a gold plated lambo in return. but costing these goals in will have a very positive impact on the future of uni and should therefore be a top priority.


I believe that this should probably be done at the beginning, and over time it should reduce the amount of money that goes into marketing due to word of mouth.

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agreed. best would be to allocate a yearly budget with a cap set at X. no need to have it be a percentage, rather have a test pool for this and see what actually gets used up.


I really like these ideas. My background is in major motion picture production and marketing. Which anyone involved in that area will know that the movie industry really is a marketing industry. Marketing is very important not only to promote the project but to negate bad press, keeping the public informed, and educated.

The topics listed all would fall under a marketing budget and all are very intelligent moves to make. You can not rely on word of mouth. In fact NEVER rely on word of mouth. All it takes is one very loud mouth with no brain attached to cause horrible harm. Worse yet, a very loud mouth WITH a brain and the intent to create a vampire scheme like the sushi swap situation.

Your idea of hiring content creators such as crypto youtubers is also an excellent idea. I have not sat down and created a marketing outline or really thought about the possible chess moves of opposition we may encounter but I do know, on my list of things to do, I would have top youtubers listed as routes of education & promotion.


Interesting ideas here!

However, I’m not actually fond of the idea of using treasury funds to these ends. Keep in mind that this is distributing Uniswap ownership. Alternatively, if we were to fund this through stablecoins, we’d be applying unjust negative pressure to the UNI price.

This is already the biggest DEX in DeFi.

In my honest opinion, as long as Uniswap is constantly improving and remains a “market leader” and pioneer in the DeFi space, the marketing will do itself. The treasury funds are better off used to improve the protocol and fund new innovations in the DEX space, preserving Uniswap’s strong position.

Definitely an interesting conversation though. These are just my thoughts. :slight_smile:


Keep in mind that this is distributing Uniswap ownership. Alternatively, if we were to fund this through stablecoins, we’d be applying unjust negative pressure to the UNI price.

not if we are using a portion of the fee switch funds. the protocol fees have not been earmarked yet. I know people are whispering about dividends, yet this is not yet set in stone and might not be the best way to spend the fees. on top of that, the entire treasury is made up of UNI. everything we do will somehow involve either distributing ownership or selling uni for something else.

This is already the biggest DEX in DeFi.

Great, now we have to keep it that way. when I started trading, bittrex was still relevant, binance was just a pipedream and kucoin was all the rage. things change, the public opinion sways and we’d better be at the helm of the narrative to stay ahead.

In my honest opinion, as long as Uniswap is constantly improving and remains a “market leader” and pioneer in the DeFi space, the marketing will do itself.

If this were the case, everyone would be using linux and we’d elect people into seats of power who genuinely care about us :wink: Lets say you have two pencils, both made to equally great quality standards. now company A says “I make the better pencil” and company B spends the rest of their existence trying to prove company A wrong. still, everyone now knows company A as the better pencil.

ok that may be a random analogy. but lets look at the recent airdrop of UNI. don’t be mistaken, this was brilliant marketing. this one simple move has blasted the daily volume out of the stratosphere and everyone is talking about uni. you even have people using a DEX for the first time now, whereas a month ago UNI was losing members to happy meals.

What I am saying is that you should not underestimate the power of marketing and exposure. using a fraction of our funds for this purpose can have major dramatic effects on our daily volume and keep us in the lead of the DeFi race. we have the product, lets not be afraid to tell people about it!


awesome to hear your take on this topic. would love to hear more from you in this discussion, in fact to anyone reading this who has anything to do with any of the topics described in this proposal, speak up.

Sidenote, dying to hear more about some of the specifics of film marketing. it has always fascinated me, you guys have massive budgets on the line, probably bigger than any other industry in the entertainment sector. curious to hear what we could learn from that when discussing the marketing of something as fundamentally unsexy as an exchange…!

Seen as marketing is what brings awareness to projects, and seen as defi is still relatively unknown. I believe if uni starts spending some money for marketing it will allow their token price to increase in the long run.

Don’t forget the total cap of UNI is already set. This should not be increased, instead there should be a minor allocation from each field fed into the marketing scheme.

As you said UNI is the biggest dex in DeFi. But it still isn’t the biggest exchange. I believe with the knowledge flowing arround of a project like UNI, people will reduce their usage of centralized exchanges, further promoting Satoshi’s vision of bitcoin and the crypto market.

To be completely honnest, I see no harm in this proposal. At least not for the next couple of years as I mentioned.

Furthermore, the bounty program should only work for NEW users brought into uniswap. NOT users that have already invited others. Think about it, even AMAZON, the biggest online business in the world has their own marketing scheme. They have which is their affiliate system, and they pay for ads on Google for their visibility. Why do you think that is?

Best regards!

PS: Please let me know your thoughts on this.

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i am headed out… for a meeting on this very topic but i will type up a reply that will blow your mind… but keep in mind… you will never look at movies the say way again.
remember what I said in my first post. It is not a movie industry. yes, movies are made. but it is actually a marketing industry. I will explain more when I get back.


NEVER EVER EVER a good idea to assume this. Marketing a GREAT product is easy and it seems like it does itself but if you want something to succeed. You MUST invest in Marketing. I will give examples when i return.
the bit about the pencils is spot on BTW. Very simple but to the POINT… haha pencil… point… yeah… ahem… okay… talk soon


I am in favour of educating people on blockchain, crypto and uniswap. Paying for exposure to ‘content creators’, feel like paying for a shill. Those content creators need to be chosen with strict requirement because there are many out there just to make quick cash and dump on their followers.


you’re right, simply throwing money at influencers is hardly an idea. at the same time, there are a few out there who may very well be beneficial to the cause. also there are a few intelligent ways of doing the exposure part, it’s more “hygiene content” than basing a campaign on it. stuff that reminds everyone remotely involved in crypto of our existence on a daily basis. the heavy lifting should be done through hero campaigns and education. pave the ways to Rome, so to say.


Oh man I’m intrigued now!!


Hey everyone, I apologize for taking so long to reply. I… well, I went to my meeting and then I forgot. I want to say I ended up busy doing X Y Z but I did not. I enjoyed some time with my daughter. As you know I am an actor, voice actor, and have a background in feature film production. I worked for ITN distribution for awhile doing movie poster design and website design and some production stuff.

Someone made the comment movies cost SOOO much to make. Honestly they do not. In a film budget you have what is called Above the line costs and Below the line costs. The Above the line costs are your Talent, Key people etc. paying your actors are expensive YES. But when you hear how much a movie costs it is marketing.

Those old enough to remember back when Jurassic park was released. Do you remember what they said? " This is the most EXPENSIVE movie ever made!!!" think about that for a minute. You had a couple of mediocre actors, Laura Dern, and Sam Neil in one Location with a bunch of plastic Dinosaurs. Most Expensive movie?? NO. Titanic? MOST EXPENSIVE MOVIE EVER MADE!! again. NO. Expensive YES… but what they tell you is all marketing. ANYTHING you release to the public is Marketing. I can’t go completely into this topic as I will end up going down a rabbit hole that is deeper than I have the time to take everyone on the guided tour. Just realize all Movies have a formula. From how they are written to how they are released.
Take the script or Story as an example. To be considered FEATURE LENGTH, a screenplay must be a minimum of 83 pages with the goal being a 120 page standard. 1 page is 1 minute of screen time. Movie theaters hate the long “Braveheart” 3 hour movies. We love them. So we have seen a shift from a the standard 120 min feature to a 90 minute feature. Why? because the goal is not the movie it is to sell as much candy and popcorn as possible. The primary income of a movie theater is food sales. The only time they really make any money off of a movie is if it runs past the two or three week standard. It is more complicated with specific percentages but to simply state things you can get more people in the seats in one day with a 90 minute feature than a 210 minute kevin Costner film. More people in seats = More candy and popcorn. So those wanting to sell a screenplay, Write a 90 minute one location story. I can explain why if you really want to know. Yes, I did teach a college course on screenwriting.


Even the Stories have formulas. You see them all the time. Your brain is attracted to them. This specific formula is what is known as the Great Story but you may not know why you think it’s great. Some say it’s the actors… some say its the action, or comedy, or great special FX. well, George Lucas once said “A special Effect without a story is a pretty boring thing.” A special effect is a tool just like most actors…(you can take that anyway you like") It’s the story but it is HOW the story is given to your brain. As soon as you read this you will now watch every movie differently… and go " holy crap that marketing guy on uniswap was right"

Lets do a standard 120page movie. A few people have written books on this and each has their own take on it just like each movie is slightly different. The thing to do is imagine the movie is a blanket that you have to hang on a clothesline. Obviously you would have one close pin at the beginning and one at the end. The close pins are things that take place in the movie. if you only used two… your blanket would sag in the middle so to keep it up or “INTERESTING” you need plot points.
Pages 1-3
the opening of your movie. Meet your Main character, you have the setting, the time, and the MOOD… is it a comedy? you’ll know within the first minute.

PAGEs 4-10 (minutes 4-10) your main character has a goal. the goal will be stated or. maybe even started. or a problem will arise. Your character may get some kind of information that doesn’t make sense. Or is told something he doesn’t believe and just blows off you’ll meet other characters and you will be introduced to possible opposition. But something happens where your character will commit to a goal. this is where you are telling our audience what you are going to deliver to them. “we are going to grandma’s house”

Page 30
I am only going this far. because I want you to watch or think about movies.
Next time you are watching a movie… get out your watch. Depending on the length of the film the close pin may be a little sooner or a little later. but trust me it is there. What is IT? It is your page 30 event. Your Big Reveal… your Action. or special event that catches everyone by surprise.
in a movie Something happens to keep your character from getting to their goal.
What happens to make Luke Skywalker decide to go off with Obi-Wan?

Of course there are deeper things tied into these scenes. Mainly Character growth and eventually you see the character change or grow. At the end of the movie something will happen where your character will think all is lost. No hope. But then something happens that reminds him of that piece of information at the beginning. The character uses that information to overcome the obstacles and get to his goal but also deliver to the audience what was promised on page 3.

HOLD UP!!! WTF does this have to do with MARKETING and EDUCATION and EXPOSURE. If you sit down and think about it you will realize… EVERYTHING… it can DIRECTLY parallel what we want to do.

Page 1. What is our Mood. Who are we. Our image. Our theme. Do we have any comedy?

Page 3. What is our theme, what are trying to do? What is our Message? and What is it we ultimately want to accomplish? What do we want to deliver to our customer?

Page 30 what happens to keep us from our goal? What makes us Change? What happens to Show that we can overcome? What do we commit to?


Thanks for sharing all that! I’ve never thought about movies like that before.

So comparing this to Uniswap:

Page 1: Launch in November 2018

Page 3: Build theme and purpose (AMM/DEX/DeFi Pillar) through 2019 into the v2 Launch in early 2020, build out token lists, analytics page

Page 30: SushiSwap Vampire Attack temporarily steals liquidity, SushiChef debacle whereas Hayden has always had the community’s best interests in mind, $UNI airdrop, Community governance

Page ?: v3… with L2 integration

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because this is marketing you can choose anything that has happened and spin it into the event you want. The goal is to educate or deliver a message. In movies it is to keep things interesting and the audience on the edge of their seats. apply the same arc and you can a very interesting and exciting ride with a marketing campaign.

Q: hey… you just said you can choose anything… isn’t that lying?

A: well, yes. and No. In film industry, “it is the most expensive movie ever made!!” is definitely a lie. BUT, it is all about where you measure from.

Q: That STILL does not sound like the truth.

A: What is the definition of truth? don’t bother looking i’ll just tell you. TRUTH is Fidelity to the original or standard.

Q: Wha??

A: what is the standard of measurement? are you taking what the dollar was worth in 1941 or 2020 ? So as Obi-Wan told Luke… It is a simple point of view.

NOW… I did something in this message that is a marketing trick… used all the time. Can you tell me What I did?

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hahaha got my attention?

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hahaha… yes I guess that would count too. anyone else reading want to chime in?
Can we give a prize away to the one who answers correctly? <----- not a serious proposal

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love this. you’ve given me plenty to think about here…!
also, you reminded me of star wars so there’s that. nice injection :wink:


The uni airdrop was legendary. However, the sell pressure won the battle. I think its because the community is still so new. I propose we create a credit system based off the earned badges in the uniswap community that rewards trusted holders with good intent for the project.