Wrapping Ether on Uniswap isn't considered as using the platform

Hello everyone,

I am one of the people who missed the airdrop (not gonna lie, still a little salty) and spend the last 2 days trying to figure out why.
I thought that I clearly qualify because I remember spending so much time learning how to trade on Uniswap, looking up tutorials and then wrapping my Ether that I just sent to Uniswap and trying to buy several coins. I failed to buy those coins because I had no idea how to set the gas fees and now none of them show up on Etherscan. I then unwrapped my Ether losing a few bucks on gas and fees and sent it back to my other wallet.
All of that was before 1st of September (https://etherscan.io/tx/0xe3bc06559991e90ba4302baf91f051ed63e8a2f7f6fd080babb024bce27450ff) .
Now, the reason why I didn’t qualify, is because all of what I did doesn’t count as swaping, which I find very unfair and ofc the contract is already out there and nothing can be changed, but I still think they take that in consideration if a second airdrop is ever considered in the future.
Thank you all for reading and I wish you a good evening (from Germany)


Sorry wrapping ether is using 0x protocol and not a part of uniswap.

I know, it’s just that I still had to connect to Uniswap to do it, so it should count imo.

you should have got some if u used the platfrom imo…

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