Where to sign up for alerts

Is there an alert system for deadlines and when you must delegate votes before proposals and votes come up? If not it would be in the communities best interest to have one.


Yes , I was wondering the same because I totally missed the vote and I didn’t even know there was coming up

And actually what does it do if I miss it ? It wasn’t my intention but it happened

Also , does it cost us coins to vote ? Or we getting some ? I am not sure because my friend tried to explain me but it just made me more confuse

@Oerofluta missing a vote doesn’t cost you your UNI. It costs you the opportunity to vote on the specific proposal.

As for an alert, I am currently not aware of one and I definitely agree it’d be in the best interest of the community to have such alert. As Uniswap doesn’t offer accounts, I’d assume pop-ups on the swap page would suffice, just like the updates users have to currently approved (e.g. CoinGecko top-1000 list updates).


This is something that a 3rd party would do well

I think this is an idea worth bumping. Just maybe a simple email list maintained by the team that one could sign up for, for an alert when a proposal actually makes it to a point of being ready to be voted on. There is so much discussion, ideas and such on this forum, and that is great, but very little makes it any further than that.

People come, people go, opinions change, so I don’t want to delegate my votes to anyone. I’m way too small time to have the votes, or to get them, to start a proposal, and it just seems like a lot of energy to spend trying to do so at this point anyway, with little to be gained. If the big fish do manage to put up a vote, I’d like to know about it though, so I can vote in the short time frame.

Thanks for considering - again, a very simple MailChimp or similar list would be fine, preferably maintained by the Team itself, rather than a 3rd party, informing us that something was on the ballot.

Created a Twitter account that will tweet out when a proposal is available.
Currently setting up an bot that listens to the Ethereum events ProposalCreated and tweets after that.

Give it a follow! @defivote on Twitter as I can’t post links yet.


Thanks for doing this @ddlte ! Just followed the account on Twitter, and, for those that want email alerts, there are services to alert you via email when a specific twitter account you follow tweets something. I’m using a free one called Zapier, for instance, as I don’t check Twitter each day, or, sometimes a tweet gets lost in the feed.

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