Where to sign up for alerts

Is there an alert system for deadlines and when you must delegate votes before proposals and votes come up? If not it would be in the communities best interest to have one.

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Yes , I was wondering the same because I totally missed the vote and I didn’t even know there was coming up

And actually what does it do if I miss it ? It wasn’t my intention but it happened

Also , does it cost us coins to vote ? Or we getting some ? I am not sure because my friend tried to explain me but it just made me more confuse

@Oerofluta missing a vote doesn’t cost you your UNI. It costs you the opportunity to vote on the specific proposal.

As for an alert, I am currently not aware of one and I definitely agree it’d be in the best interest of the community to have such alert. As Uniswap doesn’t offer accounts, I’d assume pop-ups on the swap page would suffice, just like the updates users have to currently approved (e.g. CoinGecko top-1000 list updates).

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