Using layer-2 technology to reduce transaction cost

Layer 2 technologies like Matic, or Celer network, all aim to reduce the transaction cost of ethereum transactions. Therefore, I would propose utilizing these layer 2 technologies to open up Uniswap to a large number of smaller investors. That is mainly due to the fact that in order to provide liquidity, you have to pay a significant amount of ether for the transaction, and thus, smaller investors will take much longer to break-even.

Furthermore, paying around 20 euros to deposit and withdraw tokens is just a huge amount per transaction. I think it’s time. What are your thoughts on this?


Would check out this would appear to be a demo of their layer 2 solution on the testnet that they are working on. Found it from a reddit and if you go into FAQ they are listed as one of the makers


:+1: yes im agree with your opinion

The way I understand it is. Miners are manipulating ETH for higher returns. ETH 2.0 is on its way to fix that.

Uniswap must stay in mainnet. When ETH 2.0 launches, it will likely be contained in a shard and gas costs will stay way lower.
However, I agree we should use L2 somehow. I advocate for keeping Uniswap’s main functionality in mainnet and deploying compatible applications to L2 so that users go to L2, L2 interacts with Uniswap. That way Uniswap stays relevant as a market provider for rollups and users can save gas costs.

Yep I’m happy to wait until V3 is announced before I request L2 for UniSwap as I’m assuming V3 will include this