Can Uniswap adopt any Layer 2 solution

We have seen many of the Defi echosytems are adapting the layer2 solutions out there, once the adoption is completed the congestion and gas fees issues gets resolved in no time for all these Defi projects.

Do we have any plans to implement any Layer 2 solutions into Uniswap.

There are many leading solutions available in Layer2 with solutions for the future of defi and all blockchain related ecosystems.

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To answer your question literally: Yes, Uniswap can adopt any Layer 2 solution through updates to the source code. After browsing forks and pull requests, I don’t see anything that indicates plans for any L2 integration.

Are you looking for discussion on possible use-cases for L2 integrations?

Could you elaborate a little bit on how you see Uniswap fitting into a Layer 2 solution and what benefits you expect/hope to see from that?

I think this period of time is crucial for the future of Uniswap with the advent of so many L2 solutions and the emergence of alternative but compatible blockchains. This is a discussion we as a community should really be having in an unbiased manner.


I am seeing more posts in the online space surrounding to the L2 solution polygon (previously known as MATIC)

I’m not having enough technical knowledge in the concept of implementation and all but I believe you can give me an idea , whether the same can be applied to Uniswap

Please check the below screenshot I got from the web


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When it comes to Layer 2, the impression I have is that Uniswap is working on a solution in line with Optimistic RollUps.
Key advantages of this Layer 2 method being the below

They built a project late in 2019 with called ‘UniPig’ that was a proof of concept for this Layer 2 scaling method.

Other projects are using other methods, when I was researching this I saw Loopring’s exchange as a concern. They use zkRollups

DiversiFi, is another exchange like Looprings, except it works with an order book, that I was interested in, it uses Starkware’s implementation of Zero-Knowledge RollUps.

I think the main benefit of Optimism is the ease with which the developer ecosystem can port over projects to an ‘Optimistic’ side-chain, without having to learn a great deal about new technologies or languages. Someone with more knowledge will need to chime in if you’re wanting a clear and reliable understanding.


100% integration, many has gone farrrrr.

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Could you please elaborate , I have checked with DFYN it works same as Uniswap(I couldn’t find any difference) but the gas price is unbelievable , there was no fees at all.

I was asking about such kind of integration in Uniswap.

Any updates on the gas fee issue faced by Uniswap. I think in V3 also they haven’t implimted the scaling solution and ways to avoid high gas fee from Ethereum network

Ref: Telegram: Contact @maticprice

A rollout to Optmism’s L2 solution should be coming in a couple of weeks. This will greatly reduce gas fees for transactions taking place on L2. As it is, the new Uniswap v3 contracts should also be more efficient overall than Uniswap v2.


I believe Uniswap v3 should be deployed at any EVM Compatible blockchain that shows some volume/traction. Uniswap is unbelievably successful we cannot grow within the current ethereum blockchain. Make a grant!

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