Uniswap and NFTs

What if there was a Uniswap NFT marketplace, collection, and/or Unique NFT features you could only execute on this exchange? Yes, I know there’s a lot of similar projects out there, but it can be unique with its utilities catered to the DEX and partners. Drops DAO is in the process of creating NFT Pools. Lot’s of potential for strategic business partnerships with successful collections doing something like this.
ie: “BAYC/Crypto Punks Pool”

Holders could have specific rewards for holding both individual NFTs on top of the utilities for committing both to a Uniswap pool (including Uniswap benefits as well). NFT farming is another avenue to look into. Other players in the game are probably already doing something like this, but just an idea. This is a broad subject as well, but just want to get the ball rolling! Let me know your thoughts. :thought_balloon:


Yeah more of this: LooksRare | LooksRare


Sounds interesting! Should be explored and discussed further

For sure. We should revisit this conversation.

U can a look on NFTX.