Uniswap Revitalization and Growth

I think one of the nice secondary benefits of this proposal is that, if it is successful, it will at least incrementally loosen the coupling in public perception between the Uniswap Protocol and app.uniswap.org.


Hey Pablo from Merkl here.
I’m sorry I should have commented earlier on this, and we’ve been in communication with the GFX Labs and other stakeholders on this proposal.
We’re excited on our side to collaborate with the Uniswap governance to facilitate the growth of the protocol on Uniswap V3.
On every chain where Uniswap deploys, we want to provide tools for Uniswap governance and also any protocol to incentivize liquidity on the DEX in the most efficient way possible. The Merkl engine rewards people based on the efficiency of their liquidity, while leaving them the flexibility to LP however they want, tight range, wide range, through an ALM and without facing any opportunity cost.
On top of providing the engine to distribute rewards, we are also going to provide with the interface for everyone to find the yield opportunities and take advantage of them.
We provide reporting tools for people to assess as well the efficiency of their budget.

Note that Merkl is evolving and what was once meant around concentrated liquidity will soon be able to cover any type of use cases. We’re working so people can add custom rules to the base Merkl implementation, like only reward LPs who stayed more than x amount of time, or only reward LPs which have been LP-ing across several pools, …
And all of this will be offered on all these new chains so this program will enable Uniswap to bootstrap on new chains and give everyone the tools to pursue this growth rather than seeking for liquidity from other forks.

Uniswap V3 has been the reason for Merkl being built, and we can’t wait to accompany it on its future phases of growth.


It would be helpful if that was mentioned proactively before the vote was live. While we voted against, it seems we didn’t have the latest info around the progress.

We are supportive of this proposal but unfortunately can’t change our vote now.

I support this proposal (though, am currently traveling and don’t have the means to vote in support of it on-chain).

Maintaining an active set of deployments across as many networks as possible, while actively growing users, is clearly in the protocol’s interest.

While a more targeted (per chain vote) approach would be better, these packages are on the “low end” size-wise, and I could see them as a baseline with per chain votes in the future for augmenting the packages.


The below response reflects the views of L2BEAT’s governance team, composed of @kaereste and @Sinkas, and it’s based on the combined research, fact-checking, and ideation of the two.

Following our participation in the series of temp checks on what amount we should deploy on which chain, we’ll be voting in favor of the on-chain vote. We followed the discussion happening above this response and our understanding is that this initiative is more reliant on the DAO wanting to push to capture a bigger market share in the chains mentioned than it is on the chain’s willingness to match our incentive packages.

When we initially voted for this proposal during temp-check, it was exactly that thinking that led us to support it, and we saw the possibility of chains matching the incentives as a bonus. What’s more important to us, however, as we already mentioned, is a post-implementation analysis of the initiative to get some data that can help us make better-informed decisions in the future.


Just wanted to post an update for this package. We are currently in the process of working with Oku and Merkl to deploy voted in funds!

Update: https://gov.uniswap.org/t/uniswap-deployments-accountability-committee-update-thread/21835/4

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Good job, I can’t wait to see how amazing this turned out to be.

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Hey all!

We’re thrilled to announce that the Uniswap v3 deployment on Blast is live, along with $250k UNI incentives, distributed through Merkl.

The incentivized pool is the 0.05% WETH/USDB pool, attached here.

No staking is required. Any address holding a position in the incentivized pool can claim rewards on Merkl at this link.

Analytics on the deployment’s volume, TVL, and fees are available here.

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Since Uniswap labs frontend was available with the deployment of the v3 contracts. Does it still make sense to pay Oku the 45k deployment cost + ongoing 5k a month fee for this Blast deployment? Perhaps I am missing something here.

My initial read of this proposal was that Oku were to be part of the package if the chain being launched on did not have a Uniswap Labs frontend/contracts launched. In order to move quickly to more L2 chains.

“1. Blast: $500k (w/Oku + Merkl)”

Hi @Userisky,

Oku’s frontend offers Uniswap v3 users a more advanced experience when interfacing with Uniswap v3 deployments. In addition to the trading interface, Oku has a robust analytics platform that includes user, position, pool, and token information. Both the Trade and Analytics sites are powered by Oku’s in-depth Uniswap v3 API, which is available for developers and projects.

We believe there is more than enough room for both applications to exist, serve their respective demographics, and ultimately produce a better experience for everyone in the Uniswap ecosystem.

Specifically, for the Blast deployment, we were not aware that Uniswap Labs intended to add the Blast deployment to their frontend until after the onchain vote had passed. We deployed the Uniswap v3 contracts, set up the initial pools, verified the contracts, and relayed the information to the Uniswap Labs team for their integration.

Lastly, the Oku integration with Blast was completed 28 days ago. However, it took us longer than we thought to set up Angle Merkl’s incentives since it was the first chain in the batch. Moving forward, we expect to move faster.

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Quick update: We have sent, bridged, and are set to start the $250k of UNI incentives on Scroll today!


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Following up on Juanbug’s post above - the Scroll incentives are live!

$250k of UNI will be distributed as follows:

  • $125k - WETH/USDC 0.05% - 0x813Df550a32d4A9d42010D057386429ad2328ED9
  • $75k - WETH/WBTC 0.05% - 0x3Cc5375F08D5DF15611C3a446D31fA99a08BD182
  • $50k - USDC/USDT 0.01% - 0xf1783F3377b3A70465C193eF33942c0803121ba0

Anyone looking to participate can create a position on Oku and collect the UNI rewards on Merkl.

No staking is required. Whichever address holds the position can claim the rewards.

Analytics on the deployment’s volume, TVL, and fees are available here