V3 Bootstrapping Liquidity Rewards Campaign ? (Optimism + L1)

v3 lands in a month or so :timer_clock:
Beginning of may for L1 and most likely mid-may for the L2 version (on Optimism).

We now have enough details on v3 to get the liquidity rewards debate back on track. :railway_track:

As it was the case before, it’s a really tough question to answer.

To make a long story short, Uniswap pretty much proved that it could keep a dominant marketshare while not rewarding its LPs.

Now that v3 is here, a new question arises :

should we choose to bootstrap v3’s launch with a brand new, limited (1 month or so ?) liquidity mining campaign ? It would probably be a good thing to incentivize users to take on the new smart contracts risks at play here (and even more so on Optimism where risks are compounded)

But, in the longer-term view, the old question still remains :
Are we counting on v3’s superiority alone to keep dominating the market while others (Curve, Sushi) are pumping out tokens most likely for the years to come. ?

Inflation could be used as a tool. That’s what most protocols are doing with varying degrees of success. Maybe we should consider electing a committee for liquidity mining questions (like we did for grants)

Vive v3 !
Long live v3 :smiley: :v: :three: :heart:


Are there any public comments/disclosures on where Curve and Sushi stand in developing their own new versions on top of Optimism? If Uniswap is first to market with an Optimism based solution I’d say that fact + the new V3 itself will be enough to keep people from migrating their liquidity. The first-mover advantage and brand quality cannot be understated.

AFAICT Curve is going with zkSync, a solution that is probably superior to Optimism (no 1 week lag time and other advantages) but that’s going to be ready only later on.

On the other hand, Sushi is going with Arbitrum (although I’m not 100% sure).
Arbitum might just be ready BEFORE Optimism (again it’s not clear, both are in the last stages of testing before release).

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I support bootstrapping liquidity but only for Uniswap L2. All L2 DEXs’ continue to show anemic volumes for whatever reasons - UI, slippage, old habits…
Users and LPs will need to be incentivized to hop on Optimism. This will be a wise use of inflation.

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This makes perfect sense to me.

L2 has the greatest risk and historically we haven’t seen a mass migration from L1 to L2 yet…

Now maybe we need to find a big delegate who agrees and wants to spearhead a proposal with us !

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I believe we should incentives liquidity for migration from v2 to v3 from may 15 tot juni 15. For on previously incetives pairs, and adding (DAI-USDC 0.05% fee). I believe we should incentivize based on eared fees.