Uni-v3 - impermanent loss and APY using google sheet!

In 21 century, using a multi billion dollar Uniswap service, I still must use excel to calculate impermanent loss for my investment. And APY too…

In my YouBank app - cfc.io/defi I calculate APY and impermanent loss and APY for v2. But to add v3 I must reassembly web site code (try to call discord groups admins with zero details)

And I try to get grant support for this app, which is 100% need for all investors of Uniswap. Answer was:
“Thank you for your submission to the UNI Grants Program. We appreciate you taking your time to tell us about your proposed project, YouBank. Unfortunately given the early stages of the program, our focus areas are limited to supporting community projects, improving the user experience and developer tooling.”
Can community help me and share this with Uniswap team? Unbelievable, why necessary apps have no support. If anybody can donate, please use cfc.io/tokensale (BNB only, no UNI)

Link to snapshot:

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