V2 vs v3 APYs comparison site?

Is there a place to compare the trading fees APYs for the same pool on both v2 and v3?
I think that will help people migrate once it’s obvious the APYs are higher on v3.

I’m not quite sure how would that exactly work because of the fragmented liquidity on v3 but still, some esimated data would be nice.


I imagine LiquidityFolio (previously UniswapROI) will add V3 pretty soon, but for now they only have V2

This would be valuable indeed. Or even covering all dexes by pair.

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This is actually a good idea

Yes, seems like right now the only way is to calculate it yourself by seeing what % the daily fees are from the TVL? But you have to do that for each pair.

If there is site that compares the APYs per pool for various DEXes, and Uni v3 is as good as they say, that will quickly drive much more TVL.

apy.vision is also working on it, but in the meantime why the main uni analytics site doesn’t show it like it did for v2?

Is it because it’s different for everyone based on the ticks you use?
Even if that is the case some kind of average would be nice.

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