🦄 UNI rewards - How to distribute UNI reward tokens best

:orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart: Hi friends, I am not a writer but I made a medium article to share below. I am here to gauge peoples thoughts on implementing the best tokenomics model we can get for Uniswap (UNI) …

Link to article:

I now present my case for my Uni Community :unicorn:

GOAL OF DHSM (Diamond Hand Staking Model)
UNISWAP TOKEN: Long-Term Pumpamental Benefits:

  1. Turn UNI community into Diamond Hand Believers & boost Network Effect
  2. Allow UNI community members to take a long-term view (5–10yrs as opposed to 5–10 months)
  3. Reduce UNI token gambling and speculation by weak hands (this will always exist, but we can lower it)
  4. Prevent UNI shareholders from being their own worst enemy — when their tokens are locked up, they cannot sell the lows in panic.
  5. Shift rewards to UNI Token Holders with 10yr view, instead of benefiting short-term dumpers

I strongly believe that we should implement the Diamond Hands Staking Model (DHSM) in order to distribute Uniswap Revenue sharing

My article explains more in detail, but the premise is that it just copies the HEX staking model such that:

  • You are able to stake your UNI token from 1 day to 10 years
  • People who stake longer receive higher rate of UNI rewards
  • This allows a healthy ecosystem network, whereby people are able to take a long-term view on UNI and be compensated for it
  • This also distributes rewards to the believers

In this system

  • There is a penalty if you Emergency End Stake. UNI would be taken from your principle or interest (depending how early you unstake) and given 50% to the UNI Treasury and 50% to the remaining stakers

I believe this system creates the best Price performance over time and also aligns UNI believers with the system.

The alternative to this system is that people with a lot of UNI can unfairly get UNI rewards and dump them when staking or rewards are available

I am a bag holder of many DeFi projects and I am currently on a mission to at least open the mind of our beloved protocols to implement this DHSM in some form. :handbag:

Of course, this would require UNI to turn on “Revenue Sharing” first. Because with HEX, it gives out rewards from inflation, but from UNI we can give out rewards from the Revenue Fee generated from trades…

imho if we do this we’ll create the biggest beast the world has ever seen and UNI can get above $100 bill market cap and start to head towards $1 trill before 2030 is here :sunrise_over_mountains:

Thanks for your time, please share thoughts!