Uni to greater height

I believe the time has come for uni to create sub coins under the uni coin and also a mining interface just like pancake swap


The Uni coin has gathered a great momentum over the last month. It is steadily growing in value and becoming a trusted household name. I personally think that the Uni definitely still needs to be the main focus for Uniswap since it needs more time to grow. In a short future the Uni will be in the cryptocurrency’s top 10. Now is not the time to be divided


Its not enough to be good, you have to be great! There is plenty of time for expansion. Let’s get this one right first.


I think developers of Uniswap keep it in mind and maybe some subcoin will be added within next two years

For me, UNI must continue hand in hand with ETH and its improvements in the protocol it is launching. We are at the beginning and the best thing is to take slow but safe steps.
The UNI team has shown what they are capable of and we will continue to lead the defi environment.
Much encouragement to everyone and to continue betting on our project.