The State of Uniswap Governance

Hey Uniswap frens! :unicorn:

Our first guide, The State of the DAOs 2023, launched. It focuses on DAO governance, providing a comprehensive guide to Uniswap.

As we’re committed to the continuous improvement and development of the report, we’d love to hear the community’s feedback.

We’re especially interested to hear if we missed any ways to contribute with the Uniswap ecosystem.

The State of Uniswap DAO Governance

Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions on improving the guide.

Web3 Citizen Guide is an open-source project that aims to serve as a public good by helping Web3 enthusiasts become well-versed in current topics in the Web3 ecosystem.

Thank you!

The Web3 Citizen Guide Team


Thank you for summarizing this governance system.

Apparently, it’ll be very helpful for those who are new to joining Uniswap.
Do you have any other channels to spread it out for the people new to joining Uniswap governance?

Thank you @DAODude !

We also have our Web3 Citizen channels: @web3citizenxyz on X and Web3 Citizen on LinkedIn, where we share governance updates.