Temperature Check - UNI-based Fee Tiers

Hello Uniswap Community!

I’d like to propose a change that enables lower trading fees for UNI holders.

Tier 1: Holders of 1k-5k UNI pay a 25bps fee on trades on Uniswap.
Tier 2: Holders of 5k-25k UNI pay a 20bps fee.
Tier 3: Holders of 25k+ UNI pay a 15bps fee.

Of course there can be more tiers (if we wanted to be fancy… we could even design a curve [Amt_UNI vs Fee_Bps]).

Lmk if any folks are interested in discussing this. I believe it makes sense for those who hold the core asset of the protocol (UNI) to have discounted trading fees… this make UNI holders feel a little more at home when trading on the Uniswap Protocol.