Fees on uniswap

I feel that if the fees were less and catered for the followers buying on uniswap like between 100-500$ so that we can buy tokens and be apart of the many that are holders.
This way u will get a lot more followers buying from uni due to less fees and control the masses. Fees are killing us small timers


Yes the fee is high which result often to fail transaction, how do we improve on that?


Put focus on the smaller timers with less to purchase compared to the boys with money. We all want certain tokens so give us the benefit of the doubt. I bought ethernity and it was only 2 coins and the rest was fees. So I can say I paid close to 100$ in fees. Is that fare for us smaller timers that keep supporting uni???
Give back so we know that we should stay with uni but instead it’s going to push me away and purchase on other exchanges amd it going to push me away as a cliemt.


I can’t withdraw the balance in my pool cause I need like 0.11 eth …
I dont even have 0.05 eth,
And now I’m asked to pay that as a gas fee that might be rejected…
I might just forget that investment…

thats what happens cause these exchanges actual dont care, if you rich they want you,if you poor the walk away. that is why polka,kusama,ada will be the future.

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