New venue for collecting proposal feedback has been bootstrapped and now you can create proposals on to understand community support for your proposals, before furthering your proposal e.g. via autonomous proposals or advocating for delegation. Please give it a try to understand support for your proposals.

Some tips:

  • You must delegate for votes to count on a proposal
  • You can set the proposal snapshot block number to around the end date of the proposal (or any future block number) so people can delegate after the proposal is created and voting has started

Currently there is no UNI requirement for a proposal to show up on the snapshot page.

This is open source and you are able to send pull requests to the repository.


Have an error at sign process.
How do I do this correctly?

What kind of wallet are you using? AFAIK snapshot it does not support EIP-1271 for smart contract signatures, in case you are using a smart contract wallet.

Coinbase wallet where I have UNI token.
Should I move tokens to Metamask and connect?

It is this issue:

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To add onto that, everyone please make sure to provide detailed proposals.

Thanks for setting this up! Definitely a great place to hopefully collect community sentiment on proposals and ideas.

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Awesome, so the snapshot page is a place to signal support for votes? Not binding but strong as a signal of token weights?