[RFC] Reconfigure Snapshot Proposal Threshold

On April 7th and 8th, scammers posted fake polls that contained malicious links in the Uniswap Snapshot space.

The UF worked with Snapshot to take down both polls and to temporarily raise the voting power threshold required to post a new proposal from 1000 to 10,000 UNI. This number was chosen without any particular rationale around whether it is appropriate from a governance perspective; it was raised simply to prevent any new malicious polls.

Though the community discussed and approved updates to the governance process earlier this year, we did not define the voting power that should be required to post a Snapshot poll.

This post serves as a call for comments and suggestions to set that level. It will be open for a week for community conversation. We’ll open a Snapshot poll next Monday (April 17) with the options discussed here and let it run for a week. Finally, we’ll update the Snapshot space’s settings with the result of that poll.

Some questions to get you thinking about what the right number might be:

  • Snapshot polls are referred to as Temperature Checks and occur in the middle of the governance process, after the community has discussed a topic and before an onchain vote
  • 1000 seems to be too low empirically
  • 10,000 has so far been successful at preventing scam proposals

We think it’s worth considering moving polling onchain and simultaneously reforming the governance process to make proposing proposals more accessible. We proposed a solution in December for the community’s consideration.

Since our December post, we developed the next iteration of the Community Autonomous Proposals (CAPs), the Community Proposal Factory (CPF). We could utilize this work and directly integrate it into the protocol’s governance process. Alternatively, Uniswap governance could authorize additional approved methods for conducting temperature checks, such as utilizing a CPF. If the community is interested in either of the options, we would be happy to pursue them further.


I agree as well, scams have been so difficult to deal with off late