Should we incentivize dapps and other crypto projects for using uniswap?

For example the projects which are integrating uniswap with there project will receive some percentage of fees generated through there project.
Users received their rewards so they are now more dedicated to uniswap, i think projects will feel the same way. After all they are also the users of uniswap.

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I say yes, but only with the presence of a strong governance process in this community to manage it. Otherwise it will be a free for all.


Agree small uni rewards to incentivize projects to come to uni wouldn’t hurt … harvest comes to mind even after their economic attack I saw them as one of the forefront as ease of use of thei defi system to newbies or beginniners interested in ethereum defi apps…

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I don’t quite agree because the time is not right…, the price of UNI is not encouraging at the moment for any Incentive nor reward.

@loveuni we are not talking about uni. We are talking about some % of transaction fees.

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