Proposal to refine vote withdrawal procedure

Vote 5 was withdrawn, I assume because they knew it wouldnt pass. What are the current policies for withdrawing a submittted proposal, I think there should be a way to force proposals that would have been voted down to at least be snapshotted with the vote count when it was withdrawn, while still allowing a proposal that perhaps was submitted wrong or needs to be tweaked to be withdrawn and resubmitted. Since if only seen silence from Harvards vote withdrawal, I can only assume it was withdrawn because it wouldnt pass.

Thats a problem. Should votes be allowed to be withdrawn on the last day of the vote?

Perhaps a timelock of 3 days after a vote is submitted as the withdrawal period is appropriate.


Proposal 5 was abandoned because it was submitted to the old governance contract which no longer controlled the Uniswap treasury - proposal 4 had recently upgraded to new governor contract (to lower proposal submission threshold to 2.5M UNI from 10M UNI) so any proposals from now on must be submitted to the new contract.

As far as withdrawing proposals to save face - I haven’t seen this in the past and it doesn’t seem like it should be a problem, as the vote data will always be available and people can see if it was or was not on track to pass.


Why didnt Harvard mention this. The new vote is live now

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Great UniSwap this is the really geat project