Proposal for UNI Gov to Sponsor Hackathons

Uniswap is one of the most widely integrated marketplace protocols in crypto. To continue to grow the developer ecosystem, I’d love to see UNI governance approve sponsorships for hackathons—specifically for developers building on Uniswap.

One timely opportunity is ETHOnline (the hackathon organized by ETHGlobal) which starts this weekend. I’m excited to see what participants will build with Uniswap, and it’d be nice to provide a competitive reward to those that decide they’d like to pursue that path.

At the moment, funds in the Uniswap Protocol Treasury aren’t yet accessible to UNI gov (I think for approximately 2 more weeks?) However, UNI governance does have control over approximately $200K worth of $SOCKS LP shares.

How cute and effective would it be to award $SOCKS (or the ETH on the other side of the market) to hackers with the most innovative projects built with Uniswap at ETHOnline in the coming weeks?

For UNI holders who are into this idea, some thoughts for discussion below.

For ETHOnline:

  • How should UNI gov allocate $SOCKS to ETHOnline hackathon winners?
  • How should hackathon participants submit their projects to UNI gov for consideration?
  • Should UNI gov appoint delegates to judge hackathon winners? If not, how will UNI gov determine hackathon winners?

Beyond ETHOnline:

  • Can UNI gov establish an application process for hackathons to receive sponsorship to encourage participants to build on Uniswap?

Welcome thoughts. Would be an awesome and worthwhile scramble to try to make this happen before ETHOnline kicks off.

A note to ETHOnline participants: get in here and tell us what you think!


I think this is a great opportunity for the community to do some good with the resources it already has available! I’m not sure exactly how to reward the winners using the $SOCKS LP tokens but maybe a couple options could be transfer the LP tokens to the winning team address so they can earn trading fees or give the winning team a few $SOCKS tokens as a prize so they can redeem for the real socks?

I’m still trying to figure out limitations to governance and voting but I think it would be really cool as an UNI holder to be able to vote for the best (most meaningful) projects. Maybe a separate “hackathon voting dashboard” is created for this purpose? The dashboard can have all pertinent info (team members, link to demonstration, github code) so every UNI holder could review and judge the projects independently?

Regarding future hackathons, the community could decide within this forum a team who can handle the application process and reach out and pay (from treasury) developers who can create a voting dashboard.

Just some thoughts, I’m interested to hear what the rest of the community has in mind!


Thank you, appreciate your alterations from last night (Now people can check both links attached) still believe very strongly in a hackathon being a good promotional tool for this and $SOCKS being a good reward for the winner hopefully you get the backing for this as mentioned last night.

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This has been taken care of, thanks for reporting.


Thanks yeah was in communication with Marco, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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A great proposal I did not see this in time.
I have done an ETHOnline Hackathons submission and was not aware of this …
Would like to see how to more quickly act on this and make this happen.

Would like to see incentivized leading parts that can spend funds.

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