Proposal: Create an only UNI-holders ecosystem/Eliminate arbitrage traders

We should unite as the community that we are and create a master contract where it can only be accessible through UNI (Token # 1) and only long-term committed users can access (1 year minimum of permanence within the contract), thus increasing the price of UNI since people will look for a way to get UNI to be able to enter into the contract and by remaining blocked within it, we reduce the supply available in the market and increase the demand for it, thus causing an increase in the price of UNI.

Only the addresses that deposited their UNIs in the master contract will be able to provide liquidity in pools for UNI holders, this will help us eliminate arbitrage traders.

People who deposit their UNIs in the master contract will receive Token # 2 distributed decentrally, these tokens will be necessary to be able to introduce liquidity in the future pools.

As the master contract (token # 1) remains blocked, the liquidity leak cannot exist since it is an ecosystem that can only grow in terms of liquidity contained within it.

The liquidity introduced in the master contract (the UNI’s) will be used as the community decides (1/3 of it will always remain blocked to redeem the # 3 tokens), this liquidity can also be used to increase the value of the contained liquidity within the vaults of token # 2, further increasing the price of the base of our master contract (UNI).

The liquidity they introduce with token # 2 will be used to create loan services such as Aave, as well as to provide liquidity to many decentralized and even centralized exchanges.

The rewards for providing liquidity will be distributed through token # 3 and 1/3 of these can be claimed daily in the form of USD, thus providing a basis to avoid the sudden lack of liquidity, in addition to the liquidity providers in an easy way and sure to keep your investment growing.

As the master contract grows, we will absorb liquidity blocked for a certain time, thus also reducing the circulating amount of the coins introduced into the vault, thus increasing their price, since the same e exists in the external ecosystem. even higher demand.

In the pools of token # 2 we can enter BTC, USD, ETH, Gold, and even Company shares, and real state assets. thus creating a more stable ecosystem.

After the time frame of master contract expires, users can redeem their full rewards plus their inicial Investment.

Create a filter contract for UNI holders and make it a full Decentralized ecosystem wich can only be accessed through UNI, increasing UNI price, UNI staked will be blocked, or leveraged, or another Strategy the Community decides


very nice, but somewhat shady… lets keep this kiss.

Wich is the shady part?


receive token #2 , deposit into something and receive token #3

Well, its kind of the same of what you do when you wrap into LP Tokens you Deposit something of valué and receive a “worthless” token since it is minted and backed out of nothing, thats why imperment loss occur, but now we can actually use that liquidity in the way we want, for example we Deposit 100 million UNI into Smart contract and we mint 100 million UNI2 wich will be needed for providing liquidity.
We can decide to sell those 100 million UNI into the market, leverage them, or work with them as we want.
The other tokens are useless tokens outside the master contract ecosystem (they wont even be able to escape the ecosystem since they are going to be trapped inside the governance system) and since the only way to get Token3 is by getting UNI, and token 3 cannot escape contract ecosystem we can asure that tokens 2 and 3 are just for measuring internal operations.


omg you got me excited!!!

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Help me spread the word, there is no need of joining with YFI as Andre propose, he knows YFI have an actuall product


you mean he knows what?

Sounds nice :slight_smile:

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Really like the idea. So far, the best one out here. It will help the dexes like Uniswap to succeed in a long term and prevent CEX arb trading via LPs. Also fits nicely into current uni tokenomics agenda.

Lets bring more people on board. Awesome proposal!


I like the idea.
Is there eth gas fee each time to switch token1-2-3?

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Account 8 hours old
Deposit your UNI into my contract for a year and get a new token

This is clearly a scam, mods please delete

You need to pay for each transfer between pool like any token, the difference is that unlike YFI that pays huge fees, we, as long-term committed users, will only pay the fees from pool 1 to pool 2 and from pool 2 to pool 3. once in pool 3 the rewards can be redeemed at any time for USD, which will be transferred directly without having to return the tokens to pool 1 since they are blocked.

The idea is to incentivize liquidity provider to keep providing it by:

  • avoid the risk of impermanent risk
  • diversify the portfolio kept within the vaults
  • diversify the use given to the liquidity provided, for example start granting loans such as Aave

Could you specify in which part I say that you deposit UNI in my contract if I do not even have a contract, obviously this contract will be made with multiple signatures, I do not see the point in your comment, if you do not know what a proposal refers to, please do not deviate the subject, obviously this is only a proposal and is open to changes.

By the way I see no reason why the age of my account has something to do with it, I have been reading this forum and others for a long time, contrary to you I do think before writing.

In fact I stated it clearly since the begging of the thread


Hi all, I think the idea is pretty compelling I’ll vote for it , any thoughts on this?

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great idea I hope it has the full support of the community

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first thing that comes to mind, wouldn’t this somewhat nuke liquidity in these pools & ultimately lead to unstable pairs? because that would kind of defeat the purpose in a way.

It will not affect the liquidity since the liquidity (or investments) placed in the token # 2 does not necessarily have to be offered to the market for trading, it can be used to grant loans, the liquidity contained within the ecosystem will be liquidity to be used within it. therefore there can be no liquidity leakage.

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This is kind of a Rube-Goldberg solution to something that will naturally solve itself through market forces.

The point of $UNI is for governance. The fact that there is $UNI on exchanges means that those who received the airdrop decided the value was worth more than governing the system. This is a good thing as it removed neutral/bad actors and provided an opportunity for users who want to govern the network to purchase tokens.

The declining price of UNI is a good thing, as it allows the system to more decentralized by lowering the cost of entry. Those who seek to govern Uniswap should buy tokens while its low, giving the eventual whales less power.

Eliminating arbitrage trading would also negatively affect turnover in governance. If Uniswap flourishes, we can expect the price to increase. Governing users who hold UNI that maybe don’t have time to dedicate to the system anymore can cash out and be rewarded for their work while allowing new users into the system.

Market forces already generally balance things out, once DEXs are more common/the norm, they will balance things out even more effectively. For these reasons I consider this proposal somewhat a moot point, at least until the market matures; if anything it should be something shelved until later in the year after governance switches in October.


You mean to limit the liquidity that can be added to pairs such as UNI-ETH? This is in no way a good thing. On UniSwap the more liquidity is in LPs the better it is. Arbitragers are traders, they’re not liquidity provider, this will not eliminate them. Not only this, arbitrager are needed by UniSwap as an ecosystem as they help to stabilize the markets among several exchanges.

The whole proposals is overcomplicated. UniSwap works fine as it is right now, we as UNI holders should try to enhance it through governance with small updates. We shouldn’t reinvent the wheel.