Now that governance is decentralized, we should know what's planned for V3

If the community wants to take the best decisions possible for Uniswap, we should know what’s in the pipe for V3.
In addition, a rough estimate of when the release can be expected (not a deadline of course) could greatly help.

More information = better decisions


It definitely is a bit weird where we are trying to govern a system that someone else has all the direct control over. I think they are better off keeping v3 features secret for a competitive advantage even though it hamstrings the efforts here, but it doesn’t feel great.

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@rileyjt Maybe we could “partner” with other dominant products that align with morals of uniswap and its participants. The first option that comes to mind, in my opinion, would be hex. Despite all of the ridicule, it would have a better affect on the world. Plus the community would be building a solid foundation.

While I agree with this part, I still believe that we should know how much progress has been made on V3.

The community is discussing incentives to get more users on Uniswap, the latest version could go live at any moment, making the incentives obsolete.

Any rough estimate on the progress could significantly improve our decision-making on several topics.

Hi Hindel,

I hear you regarding more information = better decisions.

I agree with you, and hope the team will provide more detailed insights in what to expect for V3 (and when to expect V3). I’m sure the team will keep everyone informed at their own pace and doesn’t want to release information before having everything ready / confirmed.

We’ll find out. I do want to point out that governance is meant for: ‘‘Uniswap has always embraced the tenets of neutrality and trust minimization : it is crucial that governance is constrained to where it is strictly necessary’’.

So that said, let’s wait and see what things look like. And, we’ll then figure out what changes the community wants to see through governance.