Lowering of the threshold of "4% of UNI supply required to vote ’yes’ to reach quorum" for more inclusion of the community

Hello community,

I think the 4% criteria makes some sense, so that the whales cannot skew the system by making multiple wallets.

I recommend a more community driven approach to solve this issue by opening delegation option to vote ’yes’ to reach quorum, with an added option of having a threshold of at least 1600 UNI tokens. That is 0.004 % of 4% criteria that is in place.

This will in turn bring more power to the community and would be less discriminatory.

Bhaskar :slight_smile:

Delegate to 0xC87efC9c71C422779F7dbeF14B2Fc4eef94b84fF

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i agree 1600 should be fair


while discussion of quorum values is valid, this conversation appears to not be serious/ in good faith, locking