It’s time. Turn on the fee switch

You know the arguments by now. Turn it on. Fund Polygon and other layer 2s. Help subsidize pool creation.
LFG! Turn it on.


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Why is now the time? Why not once token distribution is over?
I don’t see any particular need for an added incentive to hold UNI right now. I think the community did well to resist the urge in the early days of uni governance.
If we’ve put it off this long, we can put it off a little longer. Deferred gratification in the interests of the protocol.

The capital efficiency of v3 is a product that can be sold. In this context, it means UNI accruing fees. And those fees can further be reinvested into other Layer 2 scaling or into incentives to build new liquidity pools.
If today isn’t the time, then when? It’s not as if there will be some catalyst in the future to do this.
Build the treasury now and reinvest it into growth. No one is leaving bc of the small fee, especially when it’s issued to build out interoperable pools between layer 1 and layer 2s. Imagine 1 pool that serves L1, polygon, optimism, and so on. This is far off, but let’s find the future.


Yes the fee switch should be finally turned on. At some point if it’s delayed further people will feel betrayed and start moving on from Uni.


What token distribution