I think it is necessary for uniswap concurrently to turn on the fee switch and liquidity mining incentive

I think it is necessary for uniswap concurrently to turn on the fee switch and liquidity mining incentive:

  1. At present, all DEX have economic models for tokens (repurchase or destruction), which will improve the price of uni;

  2. When the expense switch is turned on, the liquidity mining is turned on, and the price increase of tokens is used to replace the expense loss of LP, which will not reduce the locking volume of LP;

  3. With the development of L2 and matic in the later stage, lower transaction fee will bring higher transaction volume and higher income benefit to LP. It is time to give the economic model of uni token.

  4. If the uni of the team needs to be sold, it can be directly traded and destroyed through repurchase, providing capital liquidity. If it is not sold, the repurchase can maintain the price appreciation, and the uni held by the team will continue to increase in value.

It is hoped that community leaders can put forward specific implementation plans after consideration and approval~


100% agree, as the token is just a governance token atm, I would love for there to be addition use cases for it. Considering how well uniswap has been doing in the last couple of months, its a no brainer to turn on the fee switch

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We have been asking for this for 10 months now but they don’t listen.

They don’t care.

We have been abandoned.

Unfortunately, Uniswap + Ethereum is going to have a vampire attack done on them and steal liquidity away for them to wake up to themselves.

I hate that its come to this. I invested a lot of money into Uniswap I have lost big.

Don’t bother making suggestions because your voice does not get heard. Very sad that we are waiting for an ‘attack’ of their liquidity for them to stop spitting on the Uni token holders.

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I believe that uni’s ability is underestimated ~ we should stick to it and hope to fly to the moon together


At present, for LP, too high rate of return will only lead a large number of institutions to enter uni arbitrage through AAVE lending, turn on the expense switch, enable uni tokens, and simultaneously turn on liquidity mining, so as to return the profits to the uni project itself, rather than flowing out to AAVE or comp.


I think this is a great suggestion. As a supporter of uniswap, it should support this proposal 100%. The team should not only consider the interests of itself and early investors, but also completely ignore the interests of ordinary uni holders. This is what a team should do.


Let UNI capture the benefits of some of the protocols as well. Don’t let investors down too much