How Should a Fair Distribution Be?

The distribution was very good, people made money that they could not earn in a year, but the distribution that came to my mind and I wanted should be:

**1.**The person who made a single transaction and the people who made hundreds of transactions should be separated

For 1-5 transactions: 150 UNI

For 6-10 transactions: 250 UNI

For those who make transactions between 11-50: 500 UNI

750 distributions should have been made to those who made 51 and above transactions.

2. Only those who made transactions between September 1-15 should receive it this way.

The team can rework on this issue and act as I mentioned in the next distribution.

Dear community members, do you agree with me?

  • YES
  • NO

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Locking this topic. There really is no need for more topics/proposals regarding a snapshot/airdrop that has already happened.

Feel free to use this topic: New Snapshot as of 9/15/2020 to include users from 9/1/2020 until the announcement was made and add this part as part of your opinion.