Deploy Uniswap V3 to Polygon PoS Chain

Love to see Uniswap on Polygon Help us from gas fee .and expand Uniswap for Growth


Good idea because eth gas fees to expensife


Only question is why did this not happen sooner… But better late than never!


Would love to see this as a long time Uni user.


Soon we will NOT need TWAP… :smiley:

Pythia and TRAILS going to do everything.


Idk why some of the largest and best DeFi protocols are stuck on Ethereum. Got Compound working (still…) on Starports through Cosmos. Not really sure what if anything Uniswap is working towards?

But, we ARE the community. Someone needs to jump out and take a little initiative instead of us ALL saying ‘I like this’, ‘I want Uni on Polygon’, ‘This is a good idea’, etc. etc…

Also, this ran across my mind…

I wonder if NFTs could be used for migrating an address’ UniSwap portfolio?

What about using NFTs for keeping track of pooled assets on separate chains?
–The UNIv3 pools on Polygon would add to the pools on Ethereum. So that the liquidity pools aren’t fragmented across L1, L2 and other chains. I’m sure that the pool info wouldn’t be 100% correct all the time, but at least functional and not fragmented.

Just an idea.


Just do it UNI …

We can’t afford to use u on Eth…


Honestly, this would be groundbreaking. I would actually be happy to use UNI again because gas is TOO HIGH to do anything. ETH is exactly like BTC: only good for holding and not using. It’s time for Polygon integration.


Would love to see this HAPPEN!!!


First, we can consider allocating a significant amount of capital from our treasury to incentivize liquidity. As mentioned above, we generally do not provide liquidity incentives anymore but, given the respect and importance we assign to Uniswap, we can make an exception in this case.

I would love to see the UNI/WETH pair being one of the pools being incentivized in the polygon side-chain.


For temperature check I vote in favor.

Looking at the post everything is self explanatory and can be checked. Only question is point 3). @MihailoBjelic I’d personally like to hear more details about " We are willing to incentivize Uniswap adoption, financially and otherwise" before the on-chain vote.


Thanks for the vote/support and the question @BOR4, highly apreciated!

Re: incentives, in the proposal we tried to expand on both financial and non-financial support we would be happy to offer. This is just our high-level thinking at the moment; we would dedicate a relevant team from our side (probably our DeFi lead and one of us co-founders personally) to do a deeper analysis, brainstorm, specify all the details and lead this from our side. This team should ideally work closely with the Uniswap team and community.

The goal is clear; Unsiwap should become a leading DEX on Polygon. Based on our experience with other blue chip DeFi protocols, we are ideally targeting (much) higher number of users and some other KPIs than the ones Uniswap currently has on Ethereum.

If you would like me to be more specific about either financial or non-financial incentives, I can try to do that. In terms of financial incentives, are current thinking is as follows:

  1. Do an analysis and pick the optimal pairs (i.e. pairs that are most likely to spur the adoption) to incentivize;
  2. Do a long-term incentivization campaign rather than a short-term one. We have mainly done short(er)-term campaigns with other DeFi projects, but our (current) understanding of Uniswap V3 and the incenvization model built on top of it is that a long(er)-term campaign would be more effective.

Hope this was helpful. Please let me know if I can clarify anything further.

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Thanks for your answer.

that makes sense. Not sure if it’d be nice to have concrete numbers (or at least some minimums) before the on-chain vote. I am aware that Optimism and Arbitrum deployments happened without any financial incentives so anything that Polygon is willing to dedicate is more than welcome.

Numbers aside, I think it’d be really nice if liquidity mining on v3 deployment on Polygon had some nuances to it where for example specific ranges are incentivized more. That would showcase real power of v3 technology which I feel atm is bit underutilized which is a shame because you can do so many cool things with v3 liquidity mining.


I think it would be great to get Uniswap v3 deployed on Polygon. I’ll go ahead and vote YES on the Snapshot and follow up before the Consensus check with a few detailed questions about the process and responsibilities of the parties involved to get it deployed and meaningfully integrated.


As we all know:

  1. Uni focuses on L2;

  2. Polygon acquired HERMEZ;

If L2 is the future
Why not deploy uniswap directly in HERMEZ?
I believe polygon will also transfer the ecology to HERMEZ in the future.


Todo es posible - Everything is possible…

Makes sense, thank you!

We updated the proposal with some specific figures (see 3.1. Financial incentives).

We are generally aware of the exciting possibilities that liquidity mining on top of v3 offers, and we looking forward to offer our expertise and work with the Uniswap team and community to make it as effective as possible.

Please let us know if you have additional questions or feedback.


Very interesting proposal, I support and am willing to vote


I hope we can speed up and pass the proposal as soon as possible ~ I can’t wait


We deployed our whole stack to Polygon. Deliciously fast and cheap. So today we experienced a tx anomaly on SushiSwap (not delicious) as the result of one of their oracles. If Uniswap deploys to Polygon, it would solve many problems with market dislocation as the result of oracle unreliability. PLEASE DEPLOY!!!

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