Governance Proposal UP010 - Deploy Uniswap V3 to Polygon PoS Chain

We initiated the on-chain vote to Deploy Uniswap V3 to Polygon PoS Chain.

This is the final stage of the Uniswap governance process; if the vote passes, the deployment to Polygon is officially approved.

You can cast your votes through the official Uniswap voting interface, or one of the alternative interfaces such as Tally or Sybil.

Proposal history

The original proposal can be found here.

The consensus check passed with 44M (98.87%) YES votes and 500k (1.13%) NO votes.

The temperature check passed with 7.79M (~100%) YES votes and 101 (~0%) NO votes.

We are very thankful and humbled by the support we have received from the Uniswap community so far. We kindly ask you to support this proposal one last time. Let’s make this happen!


The Polygon team proposes to authorize Uniswap Labs to deploy Uniswap protocol to Polygon PoS on behalf of the community.

We believe this is the right moment for Uniswap to deploy on Polygon, for several major reasons:

  • Polygon PoS has the second strongest DeFi ecosystem, right after Ethereum L1;
  • Deploying to Polygon PoS can bring a lot of benefits (user base growth, huge savings for users, higher user activity, higher revenue, market capture, return to the original DeFi vision etc);
  • We are willing to incentivize Uniswap adoption, financially and otherwise;
  • Polygon PoS is battle-tested;
  • Polygon is aligned with Ethereum and its values.

We respectfully submit this proposal for your consideration, and we are looking forward to your questions and feedback.

We would be willing to commit up to $20M for the aforementioned financial incentives, and we propose to use these funds in the following way:

  • Up to $15M for a long-term liquidity mining campaign;
  • Up to $5M towards the overall adoption of Uniswap on Polygon.

In addition to the financial incentives we are offering will also be supporting the integration by:

  • Actively participate in the design and execution of liquidity mining campaigns;
  • Work with prominent projects in the Polygon DeFi ecosystem to help them understand the benefits of using Uniswap V3 as a “money lego”;
  • Promote Uniswap as a “money lego” on hackathons and other developer-focused events and efforts etc.

On-chain vote

This phase has no on-chain functionality other than polling all Uniswap holders. Although the proposal already exceeded the 40M quorum threshold during the consensus check, the Uniswap community feels it is important to allow all UNI holders the opportunity to cast a vote. One important argument in favor of this decision is that Snapshot is not supported by custody providers like Coinbase, Anchorage, etc., smart contract wallets like Argent/Gnosis safe, or meta governance layers like Index and Compound.

The vote was initiated by @Getty (GFX Labs). We thank him on behalf of the whole Polygon community.

Governor Bravo requires at least one on-chain action, so the proposal includes a transfer of 0 UNI to satisfy the requirement.

If the proposal passes this phase, the Uniswap Labs can deploy Uniswap on Polygon on behalf of the Uniswap community.


Let’s go! Great development for the ecosystem.

When would we be able to start swapping on Polygon, the same day the vote finishes? I want to enter the liquidity pools ASAP.


The final governance vote finally came~

Let’s start the Multi Chain era together. The ecological road of uni starts from matic~

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Mihailo, when the vote passes, how long until Uniswap V3 is live on Polygon?

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What is the timeline when this passes? How long will it take to deploy?


I have voted for it. Although there are not many votes, I am willing to spend gas expenses to support this proposal

It seems that there are still 10 million support votes left. Can we speed up the adoption of the vote?

What guarantee is there that Polygon team will deliver on their liquidity mining incentive promises? I have heard of countless issues from numerous teams building ontop of Polygon about poor communication and relationships with the Polygon team who have previously announced fake liquidity mining programs they haven’t delivered on. I think caution should be taken here.

Brother, I think your consideration is a little one-sided. At present, matic, as a very powerful ecosystem, has developed rapidly recently. There are too many projects above and the team energy is limited. It can not serve all projects well. However, I think the cooperation between unisawap and matic is absolutely strategic and will receive special attention.