Delegation of UNI to Active but Underrepresented Delegates Application Thread

Applicant Name: Keyrock

Link to Delegate Forum Platform: Keyrock Delegate Platform - #6 by 0xkeyrock.eth
Link to Snapshot Profile: Snapshot
Link to Tally/ Agora/ onchain voting profile: Tally | 0xkeyrock.eth, Uniswap Agora

Applicant Summary including why interested in applying for the Program:

As a power user of Uniswap, we’re fully aligned with Uniswap’s best interest such as multi-chain expansion and improving a fair and distributed governance participation. There is a clear miss-match of voting power and participation for some delegates so we believe this initiative will not only push the less active participants to be active but also enable more initiatives by the recipients of this delegation. If we receive this delegation, we are committed to always contribute and be active within the forums while providing our perspective and expertise in matters such as liquidity provision.

Over the last 3-months we’ve had 100% participation rate both on-chain and Snapshot.

Our current voting power is 10,053.38 UNI

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