Delegate your UNI votes to the Duke Blockchain Lab

The Duke Blockchain Lab is a university-wide student organization at Duke University. We work to educate our student body about Blockchain, connect them to research opportunities, run technical projects and help with entry-level recruiting. We source members from the Pratt School of Engineering, the Fuqua School of Business as well as the Trinity School of Arts and Sciences.

Our activities cover the financial, technical as well as regulatory aspects of Blockchain technology, and are open to both graduate and undergraduate students. We are advised by top faculty specialists such as Dr Campbell R. Harvey, Mr Steve McClelland and Mr Howie Rhee.

We are ardent supporters of the change Uniswap is bringing about in the DeFi ecosystem. Having observed Uniswap’s exponential growth recently we are excited to join its governance community and provide our unique insight on proposals. Integrity and accountability are core -pillars of our management, and if accepted, we will follow them closely in all our involvements.

Our core objectives for wanting to join this amazing community are -

Proliferating knowledge related to decentralized finance amongst the future pioneers and leaders coming out of Duke University. Applying our research methodologies to understanding proposals and their implications.

We are committed to being transparent and accountable about our decision-making process. We will be happy to answer any questions related to our decision-making process as they come up within the DeFi community.

Long-Term Value Creation
We will align all our efforts towards forwarding the development of decentralized finance, and bringing about sustainable adoption and usage amongst an ever-so tech savvy demographic.

If our vision resonates with you, please reach out and delegate your tokens to us. Thank you!

To delegate: 0xff65F352156D2c69F9AbbF1AEF18E6d85314Ecce
LinkedIn: @duke_blockchain

Go Duke !!


Any proposals you guys already have in mind?

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Will make it easier for people to discover you as a delegate!


Thanks for this @haydenadams