Uniswap Gonernave Info site


View info concerning Uniswap governance


  • List of top delegats

  • Voting history of every delegate

  • see every vote for each proposal

  • View delegate and delegatees for every address


  • clean up UX

  • show diagram of where delegates vote come from

  • Add nickames and info of delegates

  • Automate site buidling

I’m a also working on a telegram bot to signal new vote and snapshot votes.

This project is currently very wip but all info should be correct.Hosted on ipfs so the site itself is also decentralized. If you have any feedback or feature requests feel free to share

If you want to sponsor the project you can at by donating to the gitcoin grant


Concise and creative…but more info needed on proposal tab, maybe including topic/date. Secondly, you need to add upcoming on-chain voting, do you know when next?

@Ezzy thanks , you right i spent most of my time on the delegates tab that i forgot to add this. What do you mean by upcoming on-chain voting ?

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Second/Final layer of voting on the blockchain involving UNI token holders which requires +40M votes to adopt a proposal.

I added the description and title for the proposals as you suggested.
New proposals(on the blockchain) are automatically added when the site is updated.
Right now i have to manually run a script to do this so it’s about once a day when i don’t forget if i can get funding i can rent a server to run it every hour.


Good work! With time you will get funding I assure you.

This is great! Thank you for the contribution.

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