Create Official Uniswap Community Telegram

I propose creating an official Uniswap Community Telegram group, since there isn’t one currently:

Other projects like YFI run both a Telegram and Discord to accommodate a wider demographic of community members. For reference, Telegram’s ~400MM MAU [1] is roughly 4x that of Discord’s ~100MM [2].



I support this and can help in moderation.

An official telegram channel will help to spread the word about uniswap and educate more people. Some people mainly use telegram to interact with others crypto fans. If there is not an official one, there is also the risk that fake ones will pop up

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Hi @devops199fan,

This is a great suggestion. In fact, I have suggested this myself as well.
If the team decides to create one, then I’m sure we’ll all be notified.

The governance forum might not be the right place for this kind of discussion, but I’ll leave it open for now :wink: .

Telegram is a great platform for managing large groups, they can get a bit unruly though. One problem that I tend to have with other blockchain-based platforms is that you get a lot of scammers that will go in the group just to grab other users and send them private messages selling whatever scam they might be offering.

So I think maybe having one telegram group open for everyone and one telegram group for community members (people who actively participate in here, meaning the only way of getting access would probably be through participation in this forum) might be a better solution.

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If the governance forum isn’t the right place for this then where is? Shouldn’t the decision be in the community’s hands and not at the team’s discretion?

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