Liquidity Mining Program Future

With just two weeks left in the current LP rewards program, how do you think we should continue the program?

  • Extend program as is
  • Keep original pool distribution the same, and add new pools with the excess treasury.
  • Keep the four pools, but lower the rewards
  • End UNI LP rewards

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How is the liquidity mining program bringing value to UNI holders?


I’d prefer none of the above and maybe have a uni-eth or uni-stablecoin pair with smaller weekly rewards


As there seems to be enough liquidity I don’t see a need for the incentiv, at least it should be reduced to see if and how much lidudity drops.

currently, Uniswap is dominating dex volumes
main competitors volume combined is less than 25% of Uniswap volume
Uniswap LPs are making around 1m $ a day from trading fees so no more incentives are needed
UNI should be spent to grow Uniswap, not for unneeded liquidity incentives

We should ask for farming incentives to UNI delegators instead…
1- this will be 2 times more efficient at supporting UNI price.
2- will increase the number of delegators instead of decreasing the number with ETH-UNI pool.
3- will offer more protection against governance attacks

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Small than these rewards …come on! probably you never did liquidity provide… it is supper “worth” :smiley: :smiley: trust me and the rewards are amazing …(sarcastic)

don’t understand the sarcasm, I am quite happy with my lp earnings even though in some time intervalls impermanent loss is larger than the gain in fees. But as long as you are convinced on the value of all assets you provide the impermanent loss in USD doesn’t hurt, cause you get more of your valued asset in your pool even if the USD denominated value decrease (it’s just like buying cheap).


My opinion on the near future goes as follows :

  • the amount of UNI printed every week should go down, not sure by how much
  • UNI-ETH LP should be incentivized, unsure of the weight this pool could have vs the others
  • we have to make sure UNI-ETH LPers can vote before voting these new incentives
  • incentivization is good but would need to be more dynamic in the future, as governance is proving to be very slow right now

in the future :

  • incentivization of liquidity could be more dynamic and use a UNI staking system instead of tedious governance votes (UNI holders choose incentivized pools by staking their UNI and voting for that pool)
  • such a system would of course need to be “audited” so that it’s not gameable
  • such a system would require a new upgrade to the voting system (staked UNI should have voting power)
  • developers could be hired via treasury to achieve this

Would be great to add uni-weth pair for liquity farming as well as it will incentivise to add more liquiquidity to the pool.