Are Gouvernance tokens different than just uni?


So sorry if that might sound like a stupid question , but I was just wondering are gouvernance token just something you can earn for a certain period of time and they after it’s done ( you can never get them anymore ) because I am a student and I put like kind of a lot in the pool to get some cause that’s what I kind of understood from everything I have read

I might have not understood properly because I am French Canadian , but except getting a vote … what else is different than just buying uni on any platform?

Does voting give you something or I actually cost something like just enabling the vote ?

Thank you

Hi there Oerofluta,

UNI = UNI and there is only one UNI token used throughout the Uniswap ecosystem. That being said, this UNI is the governance token :wink:

Voting gives you a choice, a voice, to help decide what happens to Uniswap. This is very important. That being said, you can choose to self-delegate your votes or to delegate them to someone you believe shares your overall vision.

There’s delegate pitches on this forum you can check out if you’re interested in the latter.