Uniswap Monthly Financial Report - Jan 23

Hey Uniswap Community

Here is the Uniswap Monthly Financial Report - Jan 23


  • 34B in trading volume, 37m in Fees to LPs and 3.6B in liquidity.
  • Treasury at 2.7B USD of which 2.1B is liquid.
  • Average fees for Jan : v2 @ 30bps, v3-Ethereum @ 9.6bps, v3-Polygon @ 7.9bps, v3-Arbitrum @ 13bps, v3-Optimism @ 14bps and v3-Celo @ 18bps.
  • Annualized return on liquidity provided based on January fees levels : v2 @ 5%, v3-Ethereum @ 13%, v3-Polygon @ 21%, v3-Arbitrum @ 38%, v3-Optimism @ 36% and v3-Celo @ 6%.
  • During Q4 22 and Jan 23, Uniswap dominated the DEX industry on Ethereum with more than 70% volume market share, Polygon & Optimism with around 70% and Arbitrum with more than 80% Market Share.

November & December reports in case you missed them.

If you find any inaccuracies in the data or have any comments & suggestions, reach out here on the forum or on twitter.


Where or how I can see this data?

There are links at the end of the report or click on the link “Data” in the post above

Thanks. The financial report is done by the combination of the others documents there? For example where I can obtain the information of the fees? in the excel there are in value

The source of the values is mentioned below each table. v3 fees are obtained from the Uniswap extractor (built by warden finance as a uniswap grantee) and v2 fees are obtained from Flipside (Their data is curated to filter noisy data so the fees for v2 are conservative). I will be switching to Defi Llama for all volumes and fees starting next monthly report if the grants committee renews my grant. If you are looking for an easy find of data, use Defi Llama, Fees section.

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Great! I construct this using python hitting directly the smart contract. So I wanted a trusted source to compare!