Uniswap Monthly Financial Report & Analysis - Feb 23

Hey Uniswap Community

Here is the Monthly Financial Report for Feb 23.


  • 45B in trading volumes (up 32% MoM), 30B from v3 Ethereum.
  • Uniswap v2 and Arbitrum had triple digits monthly volume growth.
  • 68m in fees and 4B in liquidity provided.
  • Uniswap Traders paid on average 15bps trading fee during Feb 23.
  • Uniswap LPs generated 20% APR at Feb levels.
  • L2s & SideChains contributed 7% of Uniswap liquidity, 20% of volumes and 18% of fees during the month.

If you have any comments & suggestions or find inaccuracies in the data, reach out in the comments or twitter.


Tysm @adalhi, Great work!!!

Great report, as always!

Could you share how you calculate the Uniswap v3 [Chain] Return on Liquidity?

Also, could you consider making the volume by fee tier/chain and revenue by fee tier/chan a staple of each report?

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Hey GFXLabs
The Return on Liquidity is computed as Monthly Fees * 12 / Average Liquidity for the Month.

Yes I’ve been considering those metrics. They could be added soon.

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