Uniswap Deployments Accountability Committee [Update Thread]

Hello Everyone,

I am sharing this update on behalf of the second season of the Uniswap Deployments Accountability Committee. @AbdullahUmar, @0xpibblez, @Frisson, and I are incredibly excited to kick of this new season and have a lot of goals in the pipelines.

We just had our first meeting and wanted to update the community on a few of our main points and ideas for the upcoming season.

Uniswap Revitalization and Growth: A large emphasis this season will be revisiting some of the old deployments as well as proactively looking to provide incentives and capture first mover advantage on promising new chains. We will work with @Getty and outreach with teams to get the maximum benefits for Uniswap that we can.
Sponsor New Projects: With multiple people on this season’s committee that have the delegation needed to sponsor new proposals, we’re looking forward to utilizing this as often as needed.
Curate a Leads List: Along with being more reachable with old deployments, we look to be proactive in reaching out to new projects and chains that could use Uniswap. This includes creating a “Leads List” and outreach to many new chains.
Accountability for Promised Incentives: For teams that have and will promise incentives and liquidity upon launch, a focus this season will be to ensure they follow through with transparent communication between us and the community throughout the whole process.

Additionally, we look to help the community in any additional ways we can, such as escrowing and helping distribute any governance voted funds if applicable with the revitalization initiative. An emphasis on more often communication will be place; expect periodic updates and presentations in the monthly community governance call!

Thanks everyone!