UNI buyback from market using Uniswap 0.3% fees

I guess as the holders of UNI token, we do need to see buyback support from Uniswap team.

How about confirm to use 20% from all received Uniswap income (project income, not liquidity providers fees) to buy and burn UNI (to grow UNI price?)

In simple words, current revenue flow:

  1. Get fees
  2. pay to liquidity providers
  3. keep rest as profit Uniswap - 20% from this flow to buy and burn.

Süper olur.Fiyat çok düştü kimse degersiz bir şey almak istemez.

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I’m very interested in something along these lines.

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UNI buyback from market using Uniswap 0.3% fees
First of all without fees you will not have liquidity providers and distribution UNI to every scam token pool is not possible. Fee that can be switched on is 0.05% ( at yesterday’s volume the fee would be around $140,000 daily)

Adding more liquidity to UNI pair will not grow UNI price. Buying back and burning UNI will grow the price exponentially through compounding effect.

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@Uni3 Agreed. I re-write a proposal to clarify, from where to get money for buy and burn. Check now, if you satisfied
p.s. @Uni3 @Natsuka @mcactivos - can u share with friends with post to get more comments?

Have in mind that fee switch can’t be turned on for 180 days.
There is already discussion on the same topic at proposals.
[POLL] How Would We Structure a Fee Reward?


Looks like my proposal. But a little different. I mean all cumulative fees, which Uniswap received after pay all liquidity pool holders e.t.c. for all tokens, not just UNI.

I mean Uniswap general income as % from all fees. Let me re-phrase the proposal to clear this point.

Buy and burn is not efficient in the long term


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i think buy and send to treasury for more uses is better , maybe with vesting period.


agree, project serum buy & burn $SRM many times but nothing happen.

@Theo - for you too
It very depends on a project tokenomics and how they sell reserved tokens to market. This is why this strategy looks “not efficient”.
If the Uniswap team will hold its own tokens - this way will work well.

It can anyway drop down a rate. Vesting can help, but with big time, like one year.

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Buy and Burn isn’t healthy for UNI and wouldn’t effect sustainable growth in valuation. Fees on the other hand attract LPs and oils the wheels of the ecosystem, and thus shouldn’t be misappropriated. Let the value of UNI grow organically with time as adoption advances.


yes i think that is the best healthy and natural option, maybe with a clause of “buy” if price has drastically drop… like stock market uses some times… i dont know if smart contract allow that.


I’m in agreement to this idea, so I’m lending my support

I can see benefits in this proposal, but do have critiques as well, above answers state them pretty clearly. Also, a similar proposal has been made in the past. Well, several actually.


I’d prefer a system like curve that rewards long term uni holders with a fee and a locking mechanism for long term holders rather than just a buy and burn model that holds no value add…


So, finally, anybody can create proposal? With curve rewards?


Yes it’s feasible in smart contract.


@Joncatch Maybe start a uni/yCRV pool?