Turn Uniswap V3 LP NFTs into the BMW Art Car of DeFi NFTs

Basic proposal: let’s take some governance money and commission artists (well-known, unknown, crypto-known whoever fits the vibe) to make custom work for the Uniswap v3 NFTs. This could be run via a Uniswap arts commission, funded by governance.

Background on the BMW Art Car for reference: BMW Art Car - Wikipedia

(The work should not necessarily supercede whatever artwork is forthcoming from the team.)

This could run seasonally, as a yearly one-off exhibition, or on some other timescale. Governance could fund a small, potentially one-time contribution and the forthcoming “originals” could be auctioned with the proceeds reinvested into the arts commission.

If done correctly the project could provide a strong mix of patronage, PR, and community building for negligible costs (and potentially, in the long run, become self-funded). and it would be extremely cool.

keep in my these NFTs (LP NFTs) represent temporary positions… hence they will be destroyed when position is exited…

right, I don’t think these necessarily need to be implemented in the day-to-day function of v3 to be interesting (in the same way that BMW Art Cars were never mass produced) but, even if they are burned in the end, could be a phenomenal way to circulate new art + artists and expose users as well. I think the idea is extremely scalable in this sense, it functions both in a limited application but also in broader use cases. The pplpleasr v3 video/NFT story shows just how powerfully synergistic these sorts of things can be.

should perhaps also ping @callil to thread, as he probably has a better overview of the visual aspects of the LP NFTs